Steve Jobs, the iconic co-founder of Apple Inc., was known for his minimalist style and innovative thinking.

While he is famously remembered for his black turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers, it may be surprising that his footwear choice extended beyond just one brand.

Throughout his career, Jobs sported various sneakers that reflected his practicality and love for simplicity.

One of the most frequently spotted pairs on Jobs’s feet was the New Balance 991 sneakers in gray.

These shoes perfectly embodied his understated fashion sense with their clean design and neutral color palette.

Another popular choice among sneaker enthusiasts was the classic New Balance 993 in white.

These timeless kicks offered comfort and support and matched flawlessly with Jobs’s signature attire.

What were Steve Jobs’s Favorite Shoes?

Steve Jobs’ favorite shoes were reportedly the Nike Cortez. He was often seen wearing them during his days as CEO of Apple and they became a part of his iconic style.

They are lightweight running shoes that feature a classic design, making them timelessly stylish and comfortable.

The Cortez has been around since 1972 and is still popular today, thanks in large part to its association with Steve Jobs.

His affinity for the shoe was so great that Nike even released an official “Steve Jobs” version in 2011 featuring a gray swoosh logo on the side and special insoles designed to mimic the hand-written signatures of both Steve Jobs and co-founder Steve Wozniak.

What Shoes Did Steve Jobs Do?

Steve Jobs was well known for his signature style of clothing, which consisted of a black turtleneck, jeans, and New Balance 991 sneakers.

The 991 model was released in 1982 and is still available today. They feature a leather upper with breathable mesh panels to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

The shoes also have an ENCAP midsole technology that provides cushioning and support without compromising on the overall lightweight design.

Steve Jobs’ iconic outfit may be gone, but the classic style of these shoes will live on forever as a reminder of his legacy.

Is the New Balance 992 Discontinued?

No, the New Balance 992 is not discontinued. The classic sneaker was first released in 2006 and has gone through multiple iterations over the years.

In 2020, it celebrated its 14th anniversary with a special edition of the shoe that featured retro colors and details from the original model.

Despite its age, it remains one of New Balance’s most popular models and continues to be sold at retailers around the world as well as on their official website.

With its timeless silhouette, comfortable cushioning system, and durable construction, there’s no sign that this iconic shoe is going anywhere anytime soon!

When Did the New Balance 992 Come Out?

The New Balance 992 was first released in November 2019. It has since become a popular silhouette that offers a modern take on the classic running shoe design.

The sneaker is equipped with Abzorb cushioning, a durable rubber outsole, and a pig suede upper for extra comfort and protection against wear and tear.

It’s also designed with reflective detailing to help keep you visible when running at night or during low-light conditions.

The 992 continues to be one of New Balance’s most sought-after silhouettes due to its timeless style, reliable performance, and high-quality construction that stands up to the test of time.

New Balance 992

The New Balance 992 is a classic style for the modern-day sneaker enthusiast.

It features an iconic silhouette and is made with premium materials, including pigskin leather, cushioned EVA midsole, and rubber outsole.

The 992 also offers superior cushioning and comfort with its ABZORB technology which provides shock absorption in key zones throughout the footbed.

Whether you’re a casual runner or someone looking to take their fitness routine up a notch, the New Balance 992 has something for everyone.

Steve Jobs Birkenstock

Steve Jobs famously wore Birkenstocks, a German-style sandal, in his daily life. His choice of footwear popularized the shoes which have become widely recognized for their comfort and classic style.

Many people attribute Steve Jobs’s influence to making Birkenstocks a staple shoe for many fashionistas across the world.

Steve Jobs Shoes Sold

The Steve Jobs shoes sold by the fashion brand PAM & GELA have become a popular item among hip-hop fans.

The limited edition sneakers feature a unique design inspired by the iconic Apple founder and are made with durable material to ensure comfort and style.

With only 1000 pairs released worldwide, these shoes are sure to be an instant collector’s item.


This blog post provided a comprehensive overview of Steve Jobs’ shoe preferences.

It explored how he preferred to wear classic sneakers such as Converse, Adidas, and Nike shoes during his time at Apple.

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