What size shoe does Shaq wear? Shaq wears a massive size 22 shoe! Most guys wear sizes between 8 and 13, so Shaq’s feet are way bigger.

His shoes have to be custom-made because no normal brands make size 22s.

Shaq is 7’1″ tall and weighs around 325 lbs, so he needs giant shoes to fit his frame.

Let’s break down Shaq’s huge shoe size and learn more about where he gets shoes made to fit his big feet!

Shaq’s Shoe Size in US Men’s Sizes

What size shoe does Shaq wear: 2023 Latest Info

Shaq wears a size 22 in US men’s shoe sizes. This is about 4 sizes bigger than the average basketball player! Normal stores don’t carry sizes above 15 or 16.

Specialty shoe stores that cater to NBA players may stock up to size 18. But Shaq’s size 22 feet needs custom shoes made just for him.

Very few people in the world need shoes this big. Having size 22 shoes makes it really hard for Shaq to shoe shop like normal guys. His options are extremely limited.

Shaq’s Shoe Size in EU Men’s Sizes

In European shoe sizes, Shaq wears a mammoth size 58! This converts directly to a US men’s size 22.

EU sizes are measured in centimeters, so a size 58 is 58 centimeters long from heel to toe. That’s almost a whole foot long!

Normal men’s shoe sizes in Europe go up to about 46 or 47 (US size 13). So Shaq’s EU size 58 shoes are over 10 sizes larger than average.

Specialty European shoe brands that focus on basketball shoes are the only ones making shoes big enough to fit Shaq’s feet.

Shaq’s Shoe Size in UK Men’s Sizes

Shaq wears a UK size 21 shoe. UK sizes are about a size smaller than US sizes for large shoe sizes.

A UK 21 equals a US 22 on Shaq’s gigantic feet. Normal men’s shoe sizes in the UK generally stop at size 12 or 13.

The average male basketball player would wear around a UK size 10 or 11. So Shaq’s UK 21 shoes are a whole 10 sizes bigger!

UK brands don’t make basketball shoes in Shaq’s size, so he has to get them custom-made in the US. But if he could buy UK shoes, he’d need the biggest size they make.

Shaq’s Signature Shoe Lines

During his NBA career, Shaq had some popular signature shoe lines with major brands like Reebok and Nike. Some of Shaq’s most famous shoes are:

Reebok Shaqnosis

The Reebok Shaqnosis was Shaq’s first signature shoe released in 1992 when he was a rookie.

The unique 90s design featured a futuristic look with a pointed pattern wrapping around the side. The Shaqnosis gave Shaq a standout style on the court.

It also featured Hexalite cushioning designed to absorb impact from Shaq’s powerful 280 lb frame.

The Shaqnosis was rereleased by Reebok in 2013 and has remained popular as a retro basketball lifestyle shoe.

Nike Shaq Attaq

In 1992, Shaq switched from Reebok to Nike and launched the Shaq Attaq. This iconic model featured exposed Air pockets in the heel and strap designs for optimal lockdown support.

The Shaq Attaq established Shaq’s partnership with Nike leading to many more signature shoes over the years.

Nike brought the Shaq Attaq out of retirement in 2020 for its 30th anniversary, releasing new colorways. The bold 90s style makes the Shaq Attaq a popular retro shoe.

Shaq Attack IV

In 1995, the Shaq Attack line got a style upgrade with the Shaq Attack IV.

This model featured a unique scaly reptile-inspired upper pattern and Shaq’s large team number 34 on the side. advanced Zoom Air heel cushioning provided a lightweight and responsive feel.

As Shaq’s fame grew, the Shaq Attack became a top-selling basketball shoe.

The Attack IV is remembered as one of the most iconic Shaq shoes from his superstar years. Nike brought back the Attack IV in 2020 to celebrate the line’s legacy.

Where to Buy Shaq’s Shoes

Since Shaq needs a size 22 shoe, he can’t just walk into any shoe store and find his size. Here are some of the only places that sell shoes big enough to fit Shaq:

Online Retailers

Specialty online retailers like Sneakerhead.com or Kickz.com are some of the few places that sell size 22 basketball shoes.

They work directly with brands to produce extra-large sizes specifically for NBA players. These sites allow you to search and filter for size 22 shoes.

Options are still limited but they may have certain Shaq models or player editions in stock. Going the online route is best to access hard-to-find oversized basketball shoes.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Local basketball shoe stores aimed at NBA clientele are about the only brick-and-mortar option to buy size 22 shoes.

Stores like Foot Locker House of Hoops may be able to order or specially make shoes in Shaq’s size.

Small independent shops that customize shoes could also potentially make size 22s but availability will be very low. Normal shoe stores don’t carry anything over a men’s size 15 or 16.

So shops catering specifically to basketball pros will be the only places to maybe find size 22s in person.

How to Choose the Right Shoe Size

Figuring out your best shoe size can take some trial and error. Here are tips for choosing the right shoe size:

Measure Your Feet

Measuring your feet with a tape measure or Brannock device gives a starting point for your size.

Measure in the afternoon when your feet are slightly swollen. Trace your foot on paper and measure from heel to toe for length.

Measure the width at the widest point. Compare these numbers to a size chart and convert between US, EU, and UK sizes if needed.

Measuring feet eliminates guesswork and helps narrow your size range.

Consider Your Foot Type

Think about foot conditions like flat feet, bunions, or high arches that can impact your fit.

Wider or higher volume shoe styles work better for flat wide feet. People with bunions need roomier toe boxes.

Those with high arches require good arch support. Your foot type determines what shoe features will be most comfortable.

Letting a shoe salesperson know your foot shape helps guide you to the right styles.

Try on Different Shoes

It’s hard to know if a shoe size truly fits without trying shoes on. Be sure to test different sizes of the same shoe, as brands vary.

Walk around the store with each pair on. Your toes should have a little wiggle room and not feel cramped. Stand upright without your toes hitting the front.

Ensure your heel doesn’t slip up and down. The shoes shouldn’t pinch anywhere. Try at least a half size larger and smaller to find the best match.

Interesting Facts About Shaq’s Shoes

Here are some wild facts about the extra large shoes Shaq needs for his size 22 feet:

Shaq’s Shoes Are Size 22

Let’s state the obvious here – Shaq wears a shoe size 22! This is about double the average male shoe size.

Only a tiny fraction of people worldwide require shoes this big. At 7’1″ tall and 325 lbs, Shaq really stands out with his enormous feet.

Having such a rare shoe size makes shoe shopping incredibly difficult for Shaq.

But he needs the stability and support of properly fitted size 22 shoes for his NBA career. Shaq’s shoes literally set him apart from normal-sized people.

Shaq’s Shoes Are Custom-Made

With size 22 feet, Shaq can’t just pick shoes off the shelves. All his shoes have to be individually custom-made just for Shaq by major shoe companies.

Brands like Reebok and Nike will create special molds and patterns to construct their shoes from scratch in extra-large sizes.

The shoes are also reinforced with thicker cushioning and support features to meet Shaq’s needs.

For one-of-a-kind shoes fitting his one-of-a-kind feet, custom-making is a necessity for Shaq.

Shaq’s Shoes Are Worth a Lot of Money

Because of their rarity, Shaq’s game-worn shoes demand top dollar from collectors and fans.

Signed player edition size 22 shoes easily fetch thousands of dollars at auction.

For example, a pair of signed Reebok Shaq Attaqs sold for over $25,000! Even plain game-worn pairs sell for high sums.

Shaq’s status as an NBA legend makes his giant shoes highly coveted items. The difficulty of finding size 22 shoes drives up resale prices since supply is so low. Owning Shaq’s huge shoes is a flex for serious collectors.


Shaq’s enormous size 22 feet require custom-made giant shoes to fit his 7’1″, 325 lb frame. His shoe size is around 4 times bigger than the average guy’s!

To buy shoes for his huge feet, Shaq has to rely on specialty online and brick-and-mortar retailers that cater to NBA players.

Interesting facts about his shoes include that they’re super rare, custom-built just for Shaq, and worth thousands among collectors.

Shaq’s one-of-a-kind size 22 shoes match his one-of-a-kind persona and legendary basketball status.

So next time you complain about shoe shopping, remember it could be worse – you could wear a size 22 like Shaq!

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