What Shoes Does Takumi fujiwara Wear

Takumi Fujiwara, the legendary drift racer from Initial D is rarely seen without his signature grey New Balance 574 sneakers.

Fans have elevated his suede and mesh sneakers to fame, linking them forever to him and his incredible drifting skills.

Devotees believe Takumi wears the MS574 New Balance sneakers in grey and navy blue, but some theories suggest he wears other models like the 576 or 997.

Takumi Fujiwara’s 574s: A Closer Look

Takumi fujiwara

The New Balance 574 is specifically the MS574 model, initially released in 1988.

Takumi’s sneakers are grey with blue accents. The suede and mesh 574s are lightweight and flexible, perfect for working the pedals.

With an abrasion-resistant sole and excellent board feel, it’s no wonder these kicks are Fujiwara’s choice for driving.

Can Takumi Fujiwara’s Shoes Help You Drift?

While the shoes alone won’t transform you into a drift racer, the 574’s traits that benefit Fujiwara could help you too.

The flexibility allows you to feel the pedals and control the car’s movement.

Traction and board feel give you tight control for maneuvering the perfect drift. So while skill is critical, wearing Takumi’s shoes can provide that subtle edge.

The Initial D Shoes: A Discussion

In 2019, New Balance launched Initial D 574 sneakers to celebrate the anime’s legacy. These shoes replicate Fujiwara’s down to the grey/blue colorway.

For fans, owning Takumi’s exact shoes is the ultimate swag. Even if you can’t drift like the legend, you can share his style.

The Initial D 574s always sell out quickly, proving the anime’s cultural impact and these shoes’ coveted status.

What Makes Takumi Fujiwara’s Shoes Unique?

Beyond looks, three key factors make Takumi’s 574s special:

  • Weight – The lightweight material allows quick footwork essential for drift racing.
  • Flexibility – The soft uppers and soles bend easily to control the pedals.
  • Board Feel – Thin, responsive soles provide pedal feedback for precision driving.

Most shoes don’t offer this combo that specifically benefits Fujiwara’s driving technique.

How to Get Your Hands on Takumi Fujiwara’s Shoes

With Initial D shoes selling out instantly, getting your own isn’t easy.

Your best bet is to set release notifications and buy them the moment they drop. Expect to pay over retail if buying resale.

Alternatively, you can purchase regular New Balance 574s in the grey/blue colorway.

Or customize your own on New Balance’s website for a unique twist. While not exact replicas, these options capture the spirit of Takumi’s kicks.

The History of Takumi Fujiwara’s Shoes

Takumi wore nondescript sneakers early in Initial D. But after fans noticed his shoe change in Fourth Stage, the legend was born.

The 574s first appeared in the manga in 1999 before the anime adaptation launched in 2014.

Since then, Takumi and his New Balances have been inseparable. The shoes even inspired New Balance’s 2019 Initial D collaboration.

Nearly 25 years later, Fujiwara’s footwear remains an icon, representing his skill and the series’ cultural impact.

The Impact of Takumi Fujiwara’s Shoes on Sneaker Culture

Beyond anime, Takumi’s 574s influenced sneakerheads and streetwear. His shoes are frequently highlighted in profiles of great anime footwear.

Sneaker sites chronicle the cultural importance of Initial D and Takumi’s role in shaping tastes.

The shoes’ popularity persists through retro releases and custom tributes. From inspiring designs to representing driver swagger, Takumi Fujiwara’s footwear made a unique impression.

His New Balances even sway non-anime fans who simply appreciate their aesthetic.

Takumi Fujiwara’s Shoes: Style and Functionality

More than just looking fly, Takumi’s 574s serve a purpose. The suede construction makes them durable for controlling the pedals.

The midsole cushioning absorbs impact while drifting. Flex grooves in the sole enhance control and board feel.

Finally, the traction rubber outsole allows quick pivoting and braking.

So while the grey and blue colorway looks great, every design element boosts Fujiwara’s driving ability. Form meets function in these legendary kicks.


In the world of Initial D, Takumi Fujiwara’s shoes are just as iconic as his drifting.

The New Balance 574s he wears are perfectly suited for race driving.

With a lightweight feel, flexibility, and excellent board control, the shoes almost become an extension of Fujiwara’s feet.

Their fame persists through collaborations and cultural influence. So while Takumi’s skill propels his legendary status, his sneakers are part of that equation.

For both style and function, Takumi Fujiwara’s shoes are unmatched in the anime world.

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