Euphoria is a television series that has gained massive popularity since its debut in 2019.

The show, which revolves around the lives of teenagers navigating through addiction and mental health struggles, features an impressive wardrobe selection for its cast.

One character who stands out in her fashion choices is Rue Bennett, played by Zendaya. Fans have been curious about what shoes Rue wears on the show.

Rue’s shoe game on Euphoria is something to behold. She rocks everything from high-top sneakers to platform boots with ease and style.

In one episode, she can be seen wearing a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars that complemented her grunge look perfectly.

In another scene, she dons Fila Disruptor II Chunky Sneakers paired with white tube socks while attending a party.

What Style Does Rue Have in Euphoria?

Rue has a unique style that is a mix of grunge and girly. She often wears loose fitting clothes in dark colors with a touch of something feminine, like a flower in her hair.

Rue also likes to experiment with her look and is often seen sporting different hairstyles and makeup looks.

What Shoes Does Zendaya Wear?

There’s no denying that Zendaya has great style. The young actress and singer is often seen sporting trendy and fashionable looks, whether she’s on the red carpet or just running errands.

And while her fashion choices are always on point, we can’t help but notice her amazing shoes.

From sneakers to heels, Zendaya always steps out in something chic and stylish. So, what shoes does Zendaya wear?

We did some digging and found out that the star loves brands like Adidas, Nike, Converse, and Vans.

She’s also been spotted in designer shoes from labels like Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Jimmy Choo.

No matter what she’s wearing or where she’s going, Zendaya always looks fabulous from head to toe!

How Do You Get Rue Bennett Style?

Rue Bennett’s style is unique and can be difficult to replicate. However, there are some key elements that you can focus on to help you get a similar look.

First, Rue often wears vintage or thrift clothing which gives her a one-of-a-kind look.

Second, she mixes different prints and patterns together in an interesting way.

Third, Rue likes to add unexpected details to her outfits, like statement jewelry or bold makeup.

Finally, Rue always looks effortless and cool – even when she’s just throwing something on quickly.

If you keep these things in mind, you can start to develop your own Rue Bennett-inspired style.

What Shorts Does Rue Wear in Euphoria?

In the HBO show Euphoria, Rue Bennett wears a variety of different shorts throughout the series.

In the first episode, she is seen wearing high-waisted denim shorts with a white tank top and Converse sneakers.

Later in the series, she wears black biker shorts with a crop top and an oversized blazer.

She also wears red satin shorts with a black tank top and platform sandals in one scene.

Overall, Rue’s style is very casual and relaxed, but her choice of clothing often reflects her mood and emotional state.



Converse is an American shoe company that specializes in producing basketball shoes, lifestyle brand footwear, apparel, and accessories.

The company was founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse and has been a subsidiary of Nike since 2003.

Converse offers a wide range of products for men, women, and children.

Their most popular product lines include the Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers and Jack Purcell sneakers.


In the hit HBO series Euphoria, lead character Rue Bennett is a fashion icon. Her style is unique and often imitated by fans of the show.

One of the most popular items in her wardrobe are her shoes.

So, what shoes does Rue wear in Euphoria? Rue’s shoe game is strong.

She wears a mix of high-end designer labels like Christian Louboutin and Off-White, as well as more affordable brands like Vans and Converse.

She also isn’t afraid to experiment with different styles, from sneakers to heels to boots.

No matter what she’s wearing, Rue always looks cool and put-together. And her shoes are definitely one of the reasons why!

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