What Shoes Does Pennywise Wear

There’s a lot of speculation about what shoes Pennywise wears. Some say he wears red clown boots, others say he wears black loafers.

No one knows for sure, but we can take a look at the evidence and make our best guess.

In the original Stephen King novel, It is described that Pennywise’s shoes are “red clown boots.”

But, in the miniseries adaptation, his shoes appear to be black loafers. So which is it?

Well, both could be right. It’s possible that Pennywise changes his shoes depending on who he’s trying to scare.

For example, if he’s trying to scare children, he might wear red clown boots because they’re more playful and childlike.

But if he’s trying to scare adults, he might wear black loafers because they’re more formal and adult-like.

How to Make Pennywise Shoes

Do you want to make your own Pennywise shoes? It’s easier than you might think!

With a little creativity and some basic supplies, you can create your very own pair of clown shoes that are perfect for any costume or cosplay.

Here’s what you’ll need: -A pair of black sneakers or loafers (preferably with white soles) -Red felt or fabric paint

+ Brushes or sponges for applying the paint/felt -Scissors -Glue (optional)

-Yellow laces (optional) Start by painting the entire shoe red with the fabric paint or glueing on the red felt.

Once the base color is dry, use white paint or felt to create a stripe down the center of each shoe.

You can also add yellow laces for an extra pop of color. Let your shoes dry completely before wearing them. And that’s it!

You’ve now got your very own Pennywise shoes.

Does Pennywise Wear Shoes

No, Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s IT does not wear shoes. In the book, it is described that Pennywise has bare feet with long toenails.

In the 2017 movie adaptation, Bill Skarsgård, who plays Pennywise, also did not wear shoes and instead had red circus socks on his feet.

If So, What Kind of Shoes Does Pennywise Wear

In the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s It, Pennywise is portrayed by Bill Skarsgård.

In the film, Pennywise is shown wearing a pair of red high-heeled clown shoes.

These shoes are not only part of his clown outfit, but they also help him to appear taller and more menacing.

Do Pennywise’S Shoes Play a Role in Its Ability to Terrorize People

What Shoes Does Pennywise Wear

While it’s never explicitly stated in the IT books or movies, Pennywise’s shoes do play a role in its ability to terrorize people.

For one, they’re very loud when he walks, which can startle and unnerve people.

They also seem to be made of a hard material that can make a clacking sound when they hit the ground, which can add to the eerie feeling people get when around Pennywise.

Additionally, the shoes are always clean and well-maintained, which gives Pennywise an unsettling level of hygiene and orderliness.

Wait for it…


Pennywise is a clown that first appeared in the book “It” by Stephen King. In the book, Pennywise is described as wearing a pair of silver dollar shoes. However, in the 2017 film adaptation of “It”, Pennywise is seen wearing a pair of red and white striped shoes.

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