What Shoes Does Eddie Munson Wear in Stranger Things

When it comes to fashion, Eddie Munson is a character who knows what he likes and sticks to it.

In the Netflix original series Stranger Things, Eddie is often seen wearing a pair of Reebok sneakers.

These shoes have been a popular choice for many decades, known for their simple yet timeless design and versatility.

What Shoes Does Steve Harrington Wear

Steve Harrington, a character in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, is often seen wearing a variety of shoes throughout the series.

However, one particular shoe style he is known for wearing is the Nike Cortez.

The Nike Cortez is a classic sneaker design that was originally released in 1972. It features a simple, clean design with a leather upper and a rubber sole.

The shoe has a distinctive red and blue stripe on the side, which adds to its iconic look.

In Stranger Things, Steve Harrington is seen wearing the Nike Cortez in a few different colorways, including white with a red swoosh and black with a white swoosh.

These shoes have become popular among fans of the show and have helped to further popularize the Nike Cortez as a classic sneaker style.

What Kind of Style Does Eddie Munson Wear?

What Shoes Does Eddie Munson Wear in Stranger Things

Eddie Munson’s style in Stranger Things can be described as a mix of retro and contemporary elements, with a focus on comfort and practicality.

He wears casual, comfortable clothing that reflects the fashion trends of the mid-1980s, the era in which the show is set.

Eddie’s signature pieces include graphic tees with bold prints and bright colors, black leather jacket, a denim vest and ripped black jeans

Eddie’s fashion sense also reflects a sense of rebellion and nonconformity, as he is shown to have a punk rock attitude and an interest in alternative music.

This is reflected in his clothing choices, which often feature edgy or subversive designs.

Overall, Eddie’s style is a reflection of the youthful energy and creative expression that defined the 1980s, with a particular emphasis on the punk and alternative subcultures of the era.

What Reeboks are in Stranger Things?

Reeboks have been around since the early 1980s, and they’ve been featured in a number of films and television shows over the years. Stranger Things is no exception. In fact, Reeboks play a pretty significant role in the show.

The main character, Eleven, wears a pair of Reeboks throughout the series. These particular Reeboks are known as the Freestyle Hi. They were first released in 1982 and were marketed as a women’s fitness shoe.

The Freestyle Hi was one of the first shoes to feature the now- iconic Reebok logo on the tongue.

Interestingly, the Freestyle Hi wasn’t actually available in red when it was first released. However, it became available in red shortly after Stranger Things began airing.

So, if you’re looking to get your hands on a pair of Eleven’s shoes, you’re in luck! In addition to Eleven, several other characters on Stranger Things also wear Reeboks. Will Byers can be seen wearing a pair of Classic Leather sneakers at various points throughout the show.

Lucas Sinclair also sports a pair of Classic Leathers, but his are white with blue stripes (a nod to his favorite basketball team).

Dustin Henderson is partial to another classic Reebok style: the Pump Fury. And even Jonathan Byers gets in on the action with a pair of Workout Plus sneakers.

So there you have it: A complete guide to all things Reebok on Stranger Things!

What Watch Does Eddie Wear in Stranger Things?

Eddie wears a Casio F-91W watch in Stranger Things. This model of watch was first released in 1991 and is still being manufactured today.

It is a very popular model, especially among young people, for its affordability and durability.

The watch features a digital display with a stopwatch function, as well as an LED light that can be used to tell time in the dark.

What Band Does Eddie Munson Like?

Eddie Munson, the drummer for the metalcore band As I Lay Dying, likes a lot of different bands. Some of his favorites include Metallica, Lamb of God, and Avenged Sevenfold. He also enjoys listening to classical and jazz music, as well as anything that gets him pumped up for a show.

Stranger Things- Eddie Munson Cosplay Guide


Eddie Munson, Stranger Things character, is best known for his unique style. He wears a pair of red high-top Converse sneakers with his school uniform and carries a yellow fanny pack. His shoes have become iconic and are often imitated by fans of the show.

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