If you’re looking for a good pair of running shoes, you might want to consider the shoes that David Goggins runs in.

Goggins is a former Navy SEAL and ultramarathon runner who has completed some of the most difficult endurance events in the world.

He knows a thing or two about running, and he’s also become a bit of an ambassador for the sport.

In fact, he even has his own line of running shoes with Hoka One One. So, what kind of shoes does Goggins run in?

He actually likes to switch things up depending on the terrain and conditions, but his go-to shoe is the Hoka Speedgoat.

This shoe is designed for trail running, and it has plenty of cushioning to protect your feet from all the rocks and roots you’ll encounter on the trails.

If you’re looking for a good pair of trail running shoes, then definitely check out the Hoka Speedgoat.

Brooks Addiction Running Shoes

The Brooks Addiction Running Shoes have been a popular choice for runners for many years. T

hey are known for their comfortable fit and support. The shoes are available in men’s and women’s sizes, and they come in a variety of colors.

The Addiction shoes have a cushioned sole that helps absorb impact, and they also have a breathable mesh upper that helps keep your feet cool and dry.

The shoes are lightweight and provide good traction on the roads or trails. If you are looking for a reliable running shoe that will provide comfort and support, then Brooks Addiction is a great choice.

What Kind of Running Shoe Does David Goggins Wear?

While we can’t say for certain what kind of running shoe David Goggins wears, we can make some educated guesses based on his training regimen and race history.

For example, Goggins is a fan of minimalist shoes and has run ultramarathons in Vibram FiveFingers. He’s also been known to train in New Balance Minimus shoes.

Based on these facts, it’s likely that Goggins wears a minimalist running shoe like the FiveFingers or the Minimus when he trains and races.

What Did Goggins Run?

Goggins ran the Barkley Marathons, an ultramarathon race that takes place in Tennessee. The race is considered one of the most difficult in the world, and only a handful of people have ever completed it.

What Kind of Running Shoes Does Becs Gentry Wear?

Becs Gentry is a professional runner who has run marathons and ultra-marathons all over the world.

She is sponsored by Altra Running, so she wears their shoes. The specific model of shoe that Becs wears is the Altra Escalante.

The Altra Escalante is a neutral running shoe with a balanced feel. It has a lightweight design and a responsive cushioning system. The Escalante also has a FootShape toe box which allows for natural toe splay and encourages low-impact landings.

This makes the Escalante an ideal shoe for long-distance running. Becs Gentry swears by her Altras and says that they are the most comfortable shoes she has ever worn. She loves how light they are, and how they allow her to move quickly and efficiently when she’s out on the trails or roads.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to help you tackle your next marathon or ultra-marathon, give the Altra Escalante a try!

How Fast is Goggins Marathon?

How fast is Goggins’s marathon? Goggins is a world-renowned ultra-marathoner, and his marathon times are nothing to scoff at.

In 2012, he ran the Boston Marathon in 2:18:58, which placed him 20th out of 26,837 runners.

In 2013, he ran the New York City Marathon in 2:29:16, which placed him 41st out of 50,304 runners.

And in 2014, he ran the Chicago Marathon in 2:48:50, which placed him 103rd out of 45,511 runners.

All of these times are incredibly impressive for someone who isn’t even a professional runner!


David Goggins is a former Navy Seal and ultra-marathon runner. He runs in a variety of shoes, depending on the terrain and weather. In general, he prefers trail running shoes with a lot of cushioning for long distances and harsh conditions.

For shorter distances or when it’s hot out, he’ll switch to lighter shoes with less support.

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