Uncle Drew is one of the most iconic basketball players of all time. His style on and off the court was legendary. So what shoes did Uncle Drew wear?

Uncle Drew wore Nike Kyrie 4 Irving signature shoes throughout the film. The shoes are white with a blue swoosh and red accents.

But Uncle Drew didn’t just stick to one shoe. He was also known for wearing Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars.

In fact, he wore them in his very first game way back in 1952. He continued to wear them throughout his career because they were comfortable and he could play well in them. So there you have it!

Two of the shoes that Uncle Drew was known for wearing were the Nike Kyrie 4 and the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

Uncle Drew Cast

Uncle Drew is a 2018 American sports comedy film directed by Charles Stone III and written by Jay Longino.

The film stars Kyrie Irving as the title character, an elderly streetball legend who rounds up a team of old friends to compete in a tournament.

The film also features Lil Rel Howery, Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, and Lisa Leslie.

In the film, Uncle Drew recruits a team of old-timers to play against some young bloods in a streetball tournament.

The cast includes Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew, Lil Rel Howery as Dax, Shaquille O’Neal as Big Fella, Reggie Miller as Lights, Nate Robinson as Boots, and Lisa Leslie as Betty Lou.

The film was released in the United States on June 29, 2018 by Lionsgate.

It received mixed reviews from critics but was a box office success grossing $42 million worldwide on a $18 million budget.

What Shoes Does Kyrie Irving Wear in Uncle Drew?

What Shoes Did Uncle Drew Wear

Kyrie Irving wears Nike Kyrie 4s in Uncle Drew. The shoes were released in June 2018 and retail for $120.

The Kyrie 4s are designed for speed and agility, with a lightweight construction and a low-profile Zoom Air unit in the forefoot for responsive cushioning.

The outsole features a herringbone pattern for multidirectional traction, while the midfoot strap provides lockdown support.

How Did Kyrie Get Uncle Drew?

In 2017, Kyrie Irving starred in a series of Pepsi MAX commercials that featured him as an elderly man named Uncle Drew.

The character was based on a real person that Irving had met while growing up in New Jersey.

The original Uncle Drew was a man named Drederick Irving, who was Kyrie’s father’s best friend and AAU coach.

He was also one of the first people to believe in Kyrie’s talent as a basketball player.

Kyrie has said that he chose to make the character of Uncle Drew an older man because he wanted to pay homage to the older generation of players who paved the way for today’s NBA stars.

Uncle Drew became an instant hit with fans, and Irving has reprised the role in several short films and even a feature-length movie.

It’s safe to say that Kyrie Irving will always be associated with the character of Uncle Drew!

What Nba Player is Boots in Uncle Drew?

In case you’re not familiar, Uncle Drew is a popular web series and commercial campaign created by Pepsi in 2012.

The series stars NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving as an elderly man who still has game on the basketball court.

The original Uncle Drew webisodes were released in 2012 and featured Irving, along with other NBA players such as Kevin Love, Nate Robinson, and Baron Davis.

The ads were so popular that they led to the release of a full-length film in 2018, which also starred Irving.

So, to answer the question, Kyrie Irving is the NBA player who is boots in Uncle Drew.

Is Uncle Drew an Actual Person?

Most people know Uncle Drew as a character in a popular series of commercial ads for Pepsi.

The ads feature NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving dressed up as an elderly man who demonstrates his amazing basketball skills.

The commercials are very entertaining, but many people don’t realize that Uncle Drew is actually based on a real person.

Drew was created by writer and director Pete Docter and first appeared in a 1992 short film called “The Second Chance.”

In the film, Docter tells the story of how he met “Uncle Drew” while playing basketball at a local park.

He describes Drew as an old man who is incredibly talented at basketball and always seems to make incredible shots.

Docter says that he was inspired to create the character after meeting several older men who loved playing basketball but didn’t have anyone to play with.

Docter then brought Uncle Drew to life in a series of Pepsi commercials that began airing in 2012.

Irving does an amazing job portraying the character and really brings him to life.

It’s clear that Irving has a lot of respect for the character and takes his role seriously.

So, is Uncle Drew real? Well, he was created by Pete Docter and is based on several real-life older men whom Docter met while playing basketball.

However, Kyrie Irving brings him to life in the Pepsi commercials and gives him a personality all his own.

Kyrie Irving and Uncle Drew kid look a like


In the blog post, the author discusses the shoes that Uncle Drew wore in the film of the same name.

The shoes were designed by Nike and were inspired by those worn by real-life basketball player Kyrie Irving.

The author goes on to discuss how the shoes are significant to the film and to Irving himself.

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