Bob Ross wore a lot of shoes in his lifetime. He had many pairs of shoes for different occasions and different purposes.

Bob Ross’s most famous pair of shoes were his black Converse All-Stars.

He wore them all the time, even when he was painting. They were his favorite shoes and he always felt comfortable in them.

Bob Ross also had a pair of brown loafers that he liked to wear when he was teaching classes.

What Did Bob Ross Wear?

Bob Ross was known for his iconic style, which included a perm, beard, and uniform of a black turtleneck and jeans.

His clothing was comfortable and practical, as he often worked long hours in front of the easel.

He also wore sneakers instead of dress shoes to avoid making noise while he worked.

How to Dress Up Like Bob Ross?

If you’re a fan of the late, great Bob Ross, then you may want to consider dressing up like him for Halloween this year. Here’s how: Start with a wig.

Bob Ross’ signature afro is key to his look, so find a good wig that closely resembles his hair.

You can also try using an afro pick to style your hair into a similar style. Next, don’t forget the beard!

Again, find a good fake beard or style your facial hair into a bushy beard like Bob’s. Make sure it’s neatly trimmed around the edges. Now onto the clothes.

Bob Ross typically wore plaid shirts with khakis or denim jeans. Find yourself some similar clothing items and you’re well on your way to looking like Bob Ross.

Finally, accessorize with painting supplies!

A paint palette and brush are essential, so be sure to add those in. And if you really want to go all out, consider carrying around an easel too!

Is It Ok to Dress Up As Bob Ross?

What Shoes Did Bob Ross Wear

Yes, it is OK to dress up as Bob Ross! In fact, many people do it every year on Halloween or for other costume parties.

There are even Bob Ross costume kits available for purchase online.

If you’re not sure how to put together a Bob Ross costume, don’t worry – there are plenty of tutorials and guides available online that can help you out. Just make sure to have fun with it and enjoy yourself!

How Much is a Bob Ross Original Worth?

Bob Ross originals are worth a lot of money. Some have sold for as much as $15,000. However, most Bob Ross originals sell for between $2,000 and $5,000.

What Brand of Jeans Did Bob Ross Wear

Bob Ross was an iconic American painter who was known for his tranquil voice and happy clouds.

He also wore jeans – but what brand? Although Bob Ross didn’t endorse any specific brands, he did prefer Levi’s jeans.

In an interview with The Washington Post, he said “I only wear Levi’s 501s because they’re comfortable, and I can paint in them.

So there you have it – the next time you’re painting in your denim dungarees, think of Bob Ross and his signature style!


In every episode of The Joy of Painting, Bob Ross wore the same outfit: a denim shirt, black pants, and sneakers.

His shoes were always clean and well-kept, but they weren’t anything special. Just a pair of plain white sneakers.

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