7H is a term used to refer to the level of cushioning in shoes. It stands for “seven hours” and refers to the amount of time it takes for a foot to settle into its natural shape when standing on a surface with 7H cushioning.

Shoes that offer this type of support provide extra comfort, shock absorption, and stability, making them great for running or other activities involving high-impact movement.

They also provide better insulation from cold surfaces while helping reduce stress on feet during long periods of wear.

In short, 7H means maximum cushioning which can make all day wear more comfortable and enjoyable.

What is 7H for Shoe Size in Madewell?

7H in Madewell’s shoe sizing refers to the width of a shoe. This designation applies only to women’s shoes, as men’s sizes are based on length rather than width.

7H is considered a wide size and will fit feet that measure wider at the ball of the foot.

The H stands for “wide,” with M representing medium and N denoting narrow. If you have a foot that measures wider than 4E (extra-wide), then 7H is likely your best bet when shopping from Madewell’s selection of footwear.

What Does the H Mean When Buying Shoes?

The “H” in the context of buying shoes usually stands for a size that is halfway between two standard sizes.

For example, if someone’s foot measures 11 inches and the nearest shoe size is 10 or 12, they may choose an H11 as their size instead.

The “H” can also indicate width; for example, an H2 would be a narrow width whereas an H4 would be wide.

In some cases, it’s used to denote other dimensions such as heel height, but this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer so it’s important to check before making a purchase.

What Size is 8H?

8H is a size designation used for pencils and refers to the hardness of the graphite core.

It is one of nine different degrees on the international standards scale, which ranges from HB (the softest) to 9H (the hardest).

8H sits in the middle of this range, being harder than an HB but softer than a 9H.

As such, it produces darker marks with less smudging or breakage compared to softer grades like 2B or 4B, while still allowing for more control over lines and details than a harder grade would.

What Does Shoe Size 7W Mean?

Shoe size 7w is a women’s width sizing for shoes and stands for “wide.” This type of shoe typically offers added room in the foot box, allowing extra space for your feet.

Women’s wide sizes usually range from 5W to 12W, although some brands may offer different ranges.

When purchasing shoes online or at a store, it is important to make sure that you are buying the correct size by measuring your feet accurately and comparing them with the brand’s specific sizing chart.

Additionally, when shopping online it can be helpful to look up reviews on how true-to-size different styles are as they may run differently than other models within the same brand.

What Does 8H Mean in Shoe Size

8H in shoe size is a sizing option for men’s shoes. The “H” stands for “hard,” meaning the fit of the shoe is wide and straight, providing extra room at the toes.

It’s particularly beneficial to those with wider feet or who suffer from bunions or hammertoes.

8H is generally considered one size larger than standard widths, so if you typically wear a 7 in regular width shoes, you may need an 8H instead.


In conclusion, understanding the meaning of 7H in shoes is essential to selecting the right type of shoe for your needs.

Shoes with a 7H rating are constructed using high-grade materials and offer superior comfort when compared to other types of footwear.

Knowing what 7H stands for can help you determine which pair is best suited for your lifestyle and individual preferences.

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