Burgundy shirts are a versatile wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down. But what shoes should you wear with a burgundy shirt to pull off a stylish look?

The shoe color you choose can make or break your outfit, so it’s important to pick the right hue. Here’s a look at the best shoe colors to pair with a burgundy shirt.

The short answer is that black, brown, white, gold, and beige shoes all work well with a burgundy shirt.

Go with black for a sleek, stylish look or brown shoes for a more casual vibe.

White shoes add a crisp, fresh accent, while metallic gold shoes create an eye-catching ensemble. For a more understated outfit, try beige shoes.

Just avoid matching a burgundy shirt with burgundy pants and shoes, which can look overly matchy-matchy.

Here 5 Color shoes that go with a burgundy shirt

Black Shoes

One foolproof option is to wear black shoes with a burgundy shirt. The bold burgundy color paired with classic black shoes creates a stylish, sophisticated look.

Black leather oxfords or loafers are perfect for achieving a refined aesthetic, while black sneakers dress down the outfit for a more casual vibe.

Black booties or ankle boots also look chic with a burgundy top. For a business casual office look, pair a burgundy button-down with black trousers and black oxford shoes.

Brown Shoes

Brown shoes pair nicely with burgundy shirts in a more laid-back way. The earthy brown tone complements and contrasts the deep red burgundy shade.

From brown leather boots to suede chukkas, there are many brown shoe options to consider.

For casual wear, brown sneakers or canvas shoes look great with a burgundy t-shirt.

Try lug-soled brown boots with dark jeans and a burgundy sweater for a rugged weekend outfit.

Or elevate the look with burgundy trousers, a button-down shirt, and brown leather brogues for a dapper style. Brown provides flexibility to style a burgundy shirt dressy or casual.

White Shoes

White shoes may seem counterintuitive with a bold burgundy shirt, but the combo can be surprisingly chic.

Crisp white sneakers popped against the burgundy top creating a style statement. For warmer weather, white canvas slip-on shoes or loafers work well with shorts and a burgundy polo shirt.

Dress it up by pairing a burgundy dress shirt with white pants and white leather oxfords or monk strap shoes for a sharp business casual look.

White shoes add a lightweight summery vibe and brightness that offsets the rich burgundy tone.

Just keep the rest of the outfit simple to let the bold color/white shoe contrast stand out.

Gold Shoes

Metallic gold shoes lend an eye-catching flash when paired with a burgundy shirt.

The contrast of the warm burgundy tone and shiny gold hue is bold and fashion-forward. Gold sneakers, oxfords, loafers, or boots all make stylish options.

For an opulent aesthetic, wear a burgundy button-down, tailored trousers, and polished gold dress shoes.

Or for a flashy casual style, pair a burgundy tee with jeans and gold high-tops.

Gold shoes should be kept minimalist or sleek though, rather than over-the-top ornamental styles, to balance the rich color combo.

Wear gold jewelry like a watch or chain necklace to complement gold accent shoes.

Beige Shoes

For a more understated and elegant look, go for beige shoes with a burgundy shirt. The muted neutral beige tone allows the vibrant burgundy to really pop while still staying subtle.

Style options include suede beige loafers, leather desert boots, or canvas slip-ons. Khaki trousers paired with a burgundy polo shirt and beige sneakers make a sharp casual outfit.

For dressier affairs, wear an oxford shirt in burgundy with tailored beige pants and matching suede beige dress shoes.

The beige shoe color is versatile for both casual and formal wear, while still keeping the overall vibe relaxed and low-key. It’s an easy way to let the burgundy shirt shine.

How to Style a Burgundy Shirt

What color shoes to wear with burgundy shirt

When building an outfit around a burgundy shirt, keep these styling tips in mind:

  • Stick to solid color pants like black, gray, tan, or blue – patterns can compete with the bold shirt hue
  • Layer with neutral-colored jackets like navy, olive, or brown leather
  • Add pops of color with accessories like a brightly patterned pocket square
  • Wear dark denim on the casual end and tailored trousers for dressier looks
  • Button-down collar styles look sharper than basic crewneck t-shirts

Following these guidelines creates a polished, pulled-together look that lets the burgundy shirt stand out.

Can I Wear Burgundy Shoes with a Burgundy Shirt?

It’s generally best to avoid wearing matching burgundy shoes with a burgundy color shirt.

An exact color match can look overly matchy-matchy and overpowering. However, shades of burgundy that are noticeably different could potentially work – like a lighter maroon shirt with dark oxblood shoes.

If you want to try matching burgundy hues, vary the texture and style of the shirt and shoes to make the outfit more visually interesting.

Wear a matte button-down shirt with shiny patent leather Oxford shoes, for example. Use different tones of burgundy and vary the textures when attempting to make an all-burgundy outfit workable.

What Color Pants Should I Wear with Brown Shoes and a Burgundy Shirt?

The earthy tones of brown shoes pair best with neutral-colored pants when wearing a burgundy shirt. Great choices include:

  • Khaki or tan pants – the brown and tan hues complement each other
  • Light or medium gray pants – create a sophisticated neutral outfit
  • Dark indigo jeans – denim works for casual burgundy shirt styles
  • Black trousers – match the darker brown tones and burgundy accents
  • Olive green pants – add an extra pop of color to the neutrals

Avoid wearing lighter-washed denim, which can look too casual and clash against the deeper red burgundy tones. Stick with neutral earth tones, black, or rich indigo denim for a seamless look.

Are there any Colors that Don’t Go Well with Burgundy Shirts and Shoes?

What color shoes to wear with burgundy shirt

Certain colors can clash when paired with the bold, deep red burgundy shade. Colors to avoid include:

  • Bright primary colors like bright red or yellow – compete too much with the strong burgundy color
  • Light pastels like mint or sky blue – not enough contrast against the dark hue
  • Navy blue – can sometimes look mismatched with the red-burgundy tones
  • Loud prints or patterns – distract from the simple elegance of a burgundy shirt

Stick with neutral, earthy, or dark tones that complement the richness of the burgundy color.

Black, brown, white, gray, olive, and gold all make harmonious pairings. Avoid lighter colors that wash out next to the bold burgundy shirt.

Can I Wear White Shoes with a Burgundy Shirt?

White shoes pair surprisingly well with a burgundy shirt, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Crisp white sneakers or leather dress shoes look modern and stylish against the burgundy top.

For a casual look, wear white canvas slip-ons with cuffed jeans and a burgundy t-shirt.

Or go for white jeans with a casual button-down in burgundy and clean white sneakers.

For formal occasions, burgundy trousers with a dress shirt, blazer, and white oxfords make for a dapper ensemble.

White shoes lighten up the deep burgundy tone. Just avoid wearing all white which can look harsh – anchor the white shoes with dark pants.

What are Some Dressy Shoe Options to Wear with a Burgundy Shirt?

A black color man wear burgundy shirt

Here are some dressy shoe styles that work for elevating a burgundy shirt:

  • Oxford dress shoes in black, brown, tan, beige, or oxblood leather
  • Monk strap shoes in a coordinating neutral tone like gray or navy
  • Chelsea boots in suede or leather for a polished casual vibe
  • Chukka boots in rich brown leather paired with dress trousers
  • Loafers in leather or suede create a sleek finish with a shirt and pants
  • Brogues or wingtips can lend a dapper flair, especially in brown

For a formal outfit, opt for smooth leather oxford or monk strap shoes over heavily perforated, detailed brogue styles, which skew more casual. Go for versatile neutrals over metallic shades for dressy occasions.


A burgundy shirt offers a versatile way to incorporate bold, rich colors into your wardrobe.

The key to nailing the look is choosing shoes in colors that complement the deep red burgundy shade.

Stylish options include black, brown, white, metallic gold, and beige shoes. Avoid potential clashing colors like bright primaries or light neutrals.

Tailor the shoe style to the occasion by choosing sleek oxfords or loafers for formal looks and casual sneakers or boots for laidback outings.

With the right shoe hue, you can effortlessly rock a fashion-forward burgundy shirt for any occasion. Use color, textures, and styling to your advantage for a put-together look.

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