Finding the perfect shoes to match an apricot dress doesn’t have to be tricky.

The key is sticking to neutral, metallic, and soft pastel shades that harmonize with the orangey peach tone.

Nude, beige, tan, light brown, gold, rose gold, bronze, light pink, lavender, and mint shoes all complement apricot dresses beautifully.

But, Why do these colors work so well?

Neutrals like tan and beige provide an effortless tonal match, while metallics like bronze and gold add modern glam.

Pastels like pink and mint lend a soft, feminine contrast.

Ultimately, the best shoes to pair with an apricot dress are in warm, complementary hues that echo the peach-orange color rather than fight it.

This creates a put-together, elegant look for any occasion.

Here Top 12 Color Shoes For Apricot Dress

What Color Shoes to Wear With Apricot Dress

1: Nude Shoes

Nude or neutral-colored shoes are a foolproof option for pairing with an apricot dress.

Shades like beige, tan, light brown, and cream will blend seamlessly with the peachy tones of the dress.

This creates a monochromatic look that is elegant and elongates the leg line. Neutral shoes also allow the bright color of the apricot dress to really pop.

You can’t go wrong with pairing an apricot dress with nude heels or wedges in suede or leather for a classic, versatile look.

Nude shoes work for casual daytime apricot dresses or more formal evening gowns.

2: Beige Shoes

Beige shoes are an ideal match for an apricot dress. The pale brownish tone complements the orangey-peach hue perfectly.

Beige heels, flats, or sandals will blend with the dress seamlessly. Depending on the exact shade of the apricot, beige shoes can provide an exact color match or nice contrast.

Look for beige shoes in soft suede or leather to create a cute daytime look. Metallic beige shoes like rose gold can also add some glam for a night out.

Beige is a great go-to since it matches almost all skin tones. This makes it a universally flattering shoe color choice for your apricot dress.

3: Tan Shoes

From light tan to deeper brown tan shades, this neutral color works beautifully with apricot dresses. Tan shoes create a harmonious balance with the orangey tone of the dress.

The richness of tan also prevents the outfit from looking too washed out. Look for tan wedges or strappy sandals to add some casual flair, or pointed-toe tan heels for a dressy date night look.

Matte tan leather flats will also complement a daytime apricot sundress. Go for a lighter tan if your skin is fair and a deep tan shoe if your skin is darker.

Tan offers versatility, allowing you to wear it with an apricot dress for both casual daytime activities and more formal occasions, indoor or outdoor.

4: Light Brown Shoes

Light brown shoes are a step above basic tan and will give your apricot dress an extra kick. Shades like coffee, mocha, or soft caramel brown add depth and contrast without clashing with the peachy apricot color.

Heels, booties, flats, or strappy sandals in light brown leather or suede make a chic pairing.

The hint of contrast pops more than nude shoes but remains subtle enough not to fight the dress. For casual daytime apricot dresses, opt for flat light brown sandals or slip-ons.

Make it more formal with some closed-toe light brown pumps or wedges. Whatever the silhouette, light brown shoes will lend sophistication and versatility to your apricot dress look.

5: Metallic Shoes

Metallic shoes add eye-catching glamour to any outfit. Gold, rose gold, bronze, silver, and pewter tones make an exciting pairing with an apricot dress.

The sheen of metallic shoes reflects light beautifully and makes the outfit shine. Metallics also enhance the elegance for formal occasions.

Look for metallic shoes with some orangey undertones that directly coordinate with apricot. Gold and rose gold shoes with a hint of peach work great.

Opt for metallic leather or suede over lamé fabrics, which can sometimes look overdone. Strappy metallic sandals or pumps balance sparkle with a clean silhouette.

During the day, pair a casual apricot sun dress with flat metallic sandals. At night, make it more dramatic with metallic heels. The key is keeping the rest of the look minimal and letting the shoes be the star.

6: Gold Shoes

Gold shoes richly complement an apricot dress. The similarly warm, peachy tone flatters the orange color.

Both metallic shades (like rose gold and champagne gold) and matte leather/suede options work beautifully.

Gold sandals, either flat or with a small heel, create an easy daytime look with a casual apricot sundress.

Replicate the elegance of Hollywood starlets by wearing satin gold peep toe pumps with an evening apricot gown.

Gold feels glamorous yet classic. The shade works well for both fair and darker skin tones due to its hint of orange.

Just be wary of pairing a very bold yellow-gold with an apricot, as it can sometimes clash.

When in doubt, opt for metallic golds with strong peachy, rose-colored undertones to seamlessly match the hue of your apricot dress.

7: Rose Gold

Rose gold shoes are a match made in heaven for an apricot dress. The mix of gold and pinkish tones mirrors the orangey-peach color of the apricot perfectly.

Rose gold heels lend a wildly romantic vibe for date night, especially in velvety suede.

For casual daywear, rose gold flats or sandals keep the look soft and feminine. The metallic sheen elevates the look.

And the pinkish quality of rose gold prevents the shoes from blending into the dress too much. Look for rose gold shoes with a peachy base rather than straight-up pink-hued.

The undertone needs to complement the warmth of the apricot dress rather than contrast starkly. Rose gold shoes straddle glamour and sweetness.

So they work for both black tie evening apricot gowns and garden party apricot sundresses equally well.

8: Bronze

Bronze shoes have a gorgeous earthy quality that echoes apricots beautifully. The metallic brown shade adds depth and contrast while remaining harmonious.

Bronze feels warmer than silver or gold, making it ideal for complementing the orangey tone of apricot dresses.

The richness of bronze prevents the outfit from feeling flat or washed out. Bronze heels lend drama for the evening while still feeling neutral enough not to fight the bright dress.

Flat bronze sandals have a boho flair that works for laidback apricot sundresses. And bronze loafers or smoking slippers create a menswear-inspired twist.

The muted tone of bronze shoes means they pair well with both fair and olive skin tones.

Overall, bronze makes an intriguing neutral metallic shoe choice to pair with a brightly colored apricot dress.

9: Pastel Shoes

Pastels like light pink, lavender, and mint green can provide a sweet counterpoint to an apricot dress.

These feminine hues harmonize well with the peachy tone and keep the look soft and breezy. Pastel shoes feel youthful and romantic when paired with a bright apricot dress.

Look for pastel shoes in smooth satin, slinky velvet, or glossy patent leather to up the girly charm. Pointy-toe kitten heels in a light pastel shade lend retro charm.

Flat pastel sandals have a modern, minimalist look. Just steer clear of pastels with too much blue or gray undertones, as they can clash with warm apricots.

Choose pastel shoes in shades with strong pink, peach, or coral undertones to match the orange hue of the dress.

The options are endless for rocking playful pastel shoes with your apricot dress for any occasion.

10: Light Pink Shoes

Light pink shoes are a darling choice with an apricot dress. Sugar-sweet shades like ballerina pink, petal pink, and salmon coordinate splendidly.

The orangey peach tones in apricot are mirrored in light pink hues like peach pink. So the colors complement without matching exactly.

Light pink shoes have a youthful, feminine vibe perfect for sundresses. Pointy-toe pink pumps class up the look for cocktails or a special date.

Try leather, suede, or satin light pink shoes in any silhouette – flats, sandals, wedges, or stilettos.

Just stay away from bubblegum pink, which could clash with the warmer apricot color.

Overall, light pink shoes add a romantic pop of color and femininity to balance the bright boldness of an apricot dress in the loveliest way.

11: Lavender

Delicate lavender shoes provide a sweet contrast to an apricot dress. Soft purple or lilac shoes tone down the bold orange color while still complementing harmoniously.

Lavender has a springy quality that pairs nicely with apricots for a warm-weather look.

Metallic lavender sandals work for dressing up a casual sundress. Satin or suede lavender heels lend sophistication to cocktail parties and evenings out.

The cool undertones of lavender balance the fiery warmth of apricot. And lighter lavender shades directly mirror the peach-orange hue.

Just avoid buying shoes that lean extremely blue-toned purple, which could clash.

Stick to soft, romantic lavender or lilac shoes in any heel height or silhouette to create an effortlessly chic pairing with your vibrant apricot dress.

12: Mint Shoes

Fresh mint green shoes give apricot dresses a modern, playful pairing. The splash of cool mint balances the warm tones of the orange-peach dress.

Mint looks particularly great with apricot for summer. Leather or suede mint sandals have a crisp, minimalist look. Pointy-toe kitten heels make it retro.

Metallic mint shoes like gold, rose gold, or silver amp up the glam factor. Soft shades like seafoam and pistachio work better than bright kelly green, which could overpower the apricot.

The lighter green undertones blend more seamlessly. Mint shoes would also make an unexpected color pairing for fall or holiday apricot dresses.

Overall, this color combo feels youthful, bright, and fun. Mint shoes add personality while still harmonizing beautifully with the juicy apricot shade.

What Colours Go With Apricot Clothes?

What Color Shoes to Wear With Apricot Dress

When it comes to what colors go well with apricot clothes, there are a few different options that can work depending on the specific shade of apricot being used.

For lighter apricots, white is always a safe bet and can help create a refreshing look. For darker apricots, black can be used to add contrast and make the apricot color pop.

Other colors that can be considered include gray, navy, and even green.

Which Colour of Shoe Can Go With Peach Colour?

There are a few colors of shoes that can go with peach, but it really depends on the specific shade of peach and the overall look you’re going for.

A light peach color can go well with nude or white shoes, while a darker peach can be paired with black or brown.

If you want to add a pop of color, brightly colored shoes can also look great with peach. Overall, it’s best to experiment until you find the combination that you like best!

Which Colour Goes Well With Peach Dress?

If you’re looking for a peach dress, there are a few different colors that can go well with it.

A light pink or coral color can complement the peach nicely, while a white or cream dress can make the peach pop.

You could also try pairing your peach dress with gold accessories to really make it stand out.

Can I Wear Black Shoes With a Peach Dress?

The answer to this question is yes, you can wear black shoes with a peach dress.

While some may say that black and peach are not the best colors to pair together, others believe that the contrast between the two can actually be quite striking.

If you are considering wearing black shoes with a peach dress, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, consider the formality of the event or occasion.

Black shoes are generally considered more formal than other colors, so if you are attending a casual event, it might be best to choose another shoe color. Second, think about how the colors will work together.

You want to make sure that the black shoes don’t overwhelm the look of the dress.

One way to do this is by choosing a pair of black shoes that have interesting details or embellishments.

Finally, consider your own personal style and comfort level when pairing these two colors together.

If you feel confident and comfortable in the look, then go for it!

What Colour Dress to Wear With Pink Shoes

When it comes to choosing the right color dress to wear with pink shoes, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

First, what shade of pink are your shoes? Is it a light pink or a hot pink?

Depending on the shade, you’ll want to either go for a complementary color or a contrasting one.

If your shoes are more on the blush side, then you’ll want to look for dresses in colors like lavender, pale blue, ivory, or even green.

If your shoes tend towards the fuchsia end of the spectrum, then you can get away with wearing dresses in bolder shades like red or purple.

You can also experiment with prints and patterns – just make sure that the overall effect is still harmonious.

Of course, these are just guidelines – ultimately, you should choose whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful!


When choosing shoes to wear with an apricot dress, turn to neutral nudes, pretty pastels, and glitzy metallics.

Stick to shades in the beige, tan, light brown, gold, rose gold, bronze, light pink, lavender, and mint color, families.

These hues complement an apricot dress for any season or occasion. Avoid shoes with stark contrasts.

Go for tonal harmony instead. With the right shoe color choice, your apricot dress will look exquisitely pulled together.

Have fun mixing and matching elegant, edgy or casual shoes with your vibrant apricot frock.

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