When wearing a navy blue dress, it is best to pair it with neutral colors such as black, white, nude or silver.

Black shoes will give the outfit an edgy look while white or nude pumps can provide a more classic and elegant look. Silver shoes are also great for adding some sparkle to the ensemble.

Avoid bright colors like yellow or red as they may clash with the dark shade of navy blue. For a casual day time look opt for sandals in shades of tan or light brown and accessorize with jewelry to match your chosen shoe color.

What Color Shoes Should You Wear With Navy Blue?

When it comes to choosing the right shoe color to pair with navy blue clothing, black is always a safe option.

However, brown and tan are also great choices that can add warmth and texture to an outfit.

For a more daring look, try pairing your navy blue ensemble with colorful shoes such as red or cobalt blue.

Neutral shades like beige and gray can also work well when paired with navy blue for a sophisticated yet laid-back look.

When in doubt, opt for classic black for a timeless style that will never go out of fashion.

Is It Ok to Wear Black Shoes With a Navy Dress?

Yes, wearing black shoes with a navy dress is perfectly acceptable. Black and navy are considered neutral colors that can easily be paired together.

The key to making this look successful is finding complementary pieces in terms of style, like pointed-toe pumps or ankle boots for the shoes, and opting for a style of dress that has interesting details such as lace trim or an asymmetrical hemline.

By adding just the right accessories like a statement necklace or belt, you can create a chic ensemble that looks both modern and timeless.

What Compliments a Navy Blue Dress?

What Color Shoes Go With Navy Blue Dress

Navy blue is a great color to wear for any occasion, and it can be complimented with many different accessories.

A navy blue dress looks fantastic when paired with gold jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces.

A white belt adds an interesting contrast that will make the outfit stand out even more.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try adding some bright colors like red or yellow for a bold look.

Neutral shoes like black pumps or sandals are also great options; alternatively, colorful heels in complementary hues work just as well!

For cooler weather days, layer on a coordinating blazer or cardigan over the dress which will add extra style points to your ensemble.

What Shoes to Wear With Navy Dress for Funeral?

When it comes to choosing shoes for a funeral, the focus should be on finding a pair that is both comfortable and respectful.

Opting for black or dark colored shoes in leather or suede would be an appropriate choice.

Additionally, try to find closed-toe styles with low heels or flats so as not to detract from your outfit while still providing additional comfort during the service.

Avoid wearing brightly colored shoes or anything too casual such as flip flops – these are seen as disrespectful during funerals.

Keep in mind that navy dress for a funeral typically calls for more conservative footwear than you might otherwise wear with other clothing items.

What Color Shoes Match a Navy Blue Dress? : Improving Style & Image

What Shoes to Wear With Navy Dress for Wedding

Finding the perfect shoes to wear with your navy dress for a wedding can be tricky.

To ensure that you look stylish and polished, opt for metallic heels or embellished flats in silver, gold, or bronze tones.

They will not only add a touch of glitz and glamour to your overall look but also tie in nicely with the navy hue of your dress.

If you prefer something more subtle, go for nude strappy sandals or pointy-toe pumps that will blend seamlessly into the overall ensemble.

Best Color Heels to Wear With Navy Dress

When it comes to finding the best color heels to pair with a navy dress, there are many options.

Neutral colors such as nude, black or white all look great when paired with a navy dress.

If you’re looking for something more vibrant, try pairing your dress with a bold red heel or even an eye-catching metallic silver heel.

No matter what type of look you’re going for, there is sure to be a perfect shoe to match!

What Color Shoes to Wear With Navy Suit

When deciding what color shoes to wear with a navy suit, it’s important to remember that black is the classic choice.

However, you can also opt for brown or burgundy tones which will add a bit of contrast and interest to your look.

For an even bolder statement, go for a colorful pair in shades like green or red.

Whichever you choose, ensure your shoes are well-polished and match the rest of your outfit for a sharp ensemble.

Wedding Navy Dress What Colour Shoes And Bag

When choosing an outfit for a wedding, it is important to consider the colour of your shoes and bag.

For a navy dress, you can opt for classic black or brown leather shoes with a matching bag.

If you want to add a touch of colour, try pairing light silver or metallic gold accessories – both will look stunning against the navy fabric!


In conclusion, when deciding what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress there are many choices.

Depending on your style and the occasion you may choose heels, flats or sandals in colors like black, white, beige or gold.

You can even add a fun pop of color with pink or red shoes for a statement look.

The possibilities are endless so feel free to experiment until you find the perfect shoe combination for your navy blue dress!

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