Choosing the right shoes to go with your light blue dress can be tricky. You want to complement the color of your dress without overpowering it or clashing with it.

Thankfully, there are a few options that work really well.

Firstly, nude shoes are a popular choice for pairing with light blue dresses. Nude heels, flats, or sandals create an elegant and chic look that doesn’t detract from the dress’s soft hue.

They also elongate your legs and make you look taller! If you’re going for a more casual look, try opting for some nude sneakers instead.

Another great option is metallic shoes, such as gold or silver. Metallics add a touch of glamour to any outfit and pair perfectly with light blue dresses – especially if they have glittery embellishments or sequins incorporated into them.

What Colors Go With Light Blue Dress?

Light blue is a versatile color that goes great with many other colors. For an elegant look, pair your light blue dress with black or navy accessories such as heels and a clutch.

If you want to add some contrast, try adding pops of yellow, orange, or red for a bold statement.

To keep the look classic and timeless, opt for neutrals like cream and beige tones in your shoes, bags, and jewelry pieces.

You can also go with lighter shades like pale pink or lavender to bring out the softness of the light blue color while still making it stand out.

Do Black Shoes Go With Light Blue?

Yes, black shoes can go with light blue. Black is a timeless and classic color that complements almost any other shade of blue or even lighter pastel colors like light blue.

To pull off this look, try pairing your light blue outfit with a pair of sleek black ankle boots or loafers.

The key to making this combination look stylish is to make sure the rest of your outfit has minimal patterns and textures so that the black shoes stand out in contrast to the light blue hue.

Additionally, adding some gold jewelry pieces can complete your look for an extra touch of sophistication.

What Colors Go With Light Blue Shoes?

Light blue shoes are a versatile choice that can be incorporated into any outfit. To create an eye-catching ensemble, you should pair them with colors that will make them pop.

For a classic look, opt for navy or white – both colors contrast well against light blue and provide an effortless yet stylish feel.

If you want to add some vibrancy to your outfit, try wearing orange or yellow; these tones help create upbeat energy while still complementing the hue of the shoes.

For something a bit more subtle, consider pairing light blue with shades of grey like charcoal or slate for understated elegance.

Do Silver Shoes Go With a Light Blue Dress?

Yes, silver shoes can be paired with a light blue dress. The combination of these two colors creates a striking look that is both feminine and modern.

Silver shoes will add an eye-catching metallic element to the outfit, while light blue provides a soft and romantic backdrop for the ensemble.

To ensure your overall outfit looks polished and fashionable, try pairing the dress with either silver heels or flats depending on your personal style preference.

Additionally, accessorizing with jewelry in either matching tones of silver or pastel blues can help further enhance the look while keeping it classy and timeless.

Blue Dress Ideas For Women

What to Wear With a Blue Dress to a Wedding

When deciding what to wear with a blue dress to a wedding, consider the overall style of the event and your personal preference.

To keep things classic and sophisticated, opt for neutral accessories like silver or gold jewelry, black heels, and a matching clutch.

If you want something more fun and festive, try adding pops of color to your choice of shoes or statement jewelry pieces.

The key is finding an ensemble that makes you feel beautiful while also fitting in with the formality of the occasion.


In conclusion, when choosing what color shoes to wear with a light blue dress, it is important to consider the occasion and your personal style.

Neutral colors like black or nude are always safe options for more formal occasions.

If you want to be bolder and make a statement, brighter colors such as yellow or pink can be great choices that will really stand out.

Ultimately, the best option is whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful!

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