The best shoes to pair with brown dresses are ones that complement and enhance the dresses’ earthy, neutral tones.

Shoes in colors ranging from black, nude, white, metallic, red, pink, blue, yellow, green, and shades of brown can all work beautifully with brown dresses.

The key is choosing shoes in colors that flatter the specific shade of brown, match undertones, and create the desired contrast level to make the outfit shine.

Ultimately, many shoe colors – neutrals, brights, and browns – pair stylishly with brown dresses by following some simple guidelines.

Here 8 color shoes that goes with everything

What Color Shoes Go With Brown Dress

1. Black Shoes

Black shoes are a classic pairing with brown dresses. The neutral and versatile black hue complements the brown while providing enough contrast to stand out.

Pointed-toe black pumps or block-heel ankle boots make ideal complements to solid brown shift dresses.

Black strappy heels beautifully accentuate maxi brown sundresses. For a daytime or casual look, brown dresses worn with black sneakers or flats create an easy, go-with-everything outfit.

Black sandals with brown dresses also project a relaxed yet put-together summer vibe.

2. Nude Shoes

Nude or tan shoes seamlessly elongate the leg and blend with the skin when paired with brown dresses.

The neutral nude shoe tone acts as a natural extension of the leg and avoids a choppy, separated look that brighter colors risk. Pointed nude pumps or heeled sandals work for dressing up simple brown sheath dresses.

Neutral flat sandals or mules matched to lighter brown sundresses and maxi dresses exude casual elegance.

Mixing nude shoe shades with different brown dress shades adds nuance and depth to day or night looks.

Overall, nude shoes make legs look longer and present a unified, natural look in harmony with brown dresses.

3. White Shoes

White shoes with brown dresses inject lightness and brightness into an outfit. The contrast between the dark dress and pale shoes creates visual interest.

For example, white sneakers with a casual short brown dress presents a weekend-ready look. Pointed white pumps dress up midi length brown cocktail dresses.

The brightness of white sandals against a brown maxi sundress evokes a cheerful summer vibe. Deeper brown dresses can be softened by white shoes’ airy feel.

However, very light, cream-colored brown dresses work best with darker nude shoes to avoid looking washed out. In general, white shoes lighten up brown dresses with an eye-catching pop of contrast.

4. Metallic Shoes

Metallic shoes in gold, silver, rose gold, or bronze add glamour and sophistication to brown dresses.

The sheen of metallic pairs well with the matte, earthy nature of brown. Gold or nude metallic heels lend red-carpet appeal to a sleek brown evening gown.

Rose gold flats or sandals give a modern twist to casual daytime brown dresses. Even metallic sneakers can inject flair into simple brown sheath dresses for an unexpected look.

Metallic shoes should match undertones in brown dresses, with warmer golds and coppers suiting orange-brown shades and cooler silvers complementing grey-browns.

Overall, metallic shoes amplify elegance and flair when accompanying brown dresses.

5. Blue Shoes

Although an unexpected combination, different shades of blue shoes can make stylish partners for brown dresses.

Light blue works well with tan, khaki, and stone brown day dresses, lending an effortlessly cool contrast.

Royal blue heels or pumps make bold statements against warm nutmeg or deeper coffee brown formal dresses.

Navy blue flats complement chocolate brown dresses with a hint of subtle contrast.

Matching blue undertones is key, with warm golden browns suiting brighter sky blue and cool grey browns paired better with darker navy blue.

While not for the faint of heart, blue shoes provide refreshing contrast and a contemporary vibe to brown dresses if styled intentionally.

6. Yellow Shoes

Yellow shoes infuse brown dresses with cheerful brightness and visual drama. Sunny lemon or vibrant mustard yellow shoes create daring contrast against earthy brown dresses.

Rich mahogany or chocolate brown dresses make striking backgrounds for bright yellow footwear.

Softer buttercup yellow wears well with tan, stone, and lighter brown casual dresses for subdued accent.

Pairing yellow and brown in accessories like belts and jewelry helps tie the contrasting colors together.

While definitely bold, yellow shoes energize and uplift any brown dress with playful flair. Match tones to prevent brown from feeling drab next to bright yellow.

7. Green Shoes

Green shoes paired with brown dresses inject vibrancy and a fresh, natural element into outfits.

Herbal sage green flats elegantly complement latte and tan brown dresses. Deep emerald or hunter green heels stand out dramatically against warm walnut brown evening gowns.

All green shades harmonize with brown visually through their shared earthy tones. Mint and seafoam green add energetic brightness to neutral brown dresses without being overpowering.

Pairing green and brown together evokes foliage and creates an organic, grounded look.

Most shades of green flatter and accent brown dresses beautifully as a distinctive color combination.

8. Brown Shoes

Matching brown shoes with brown dresses allows you to create a head-to-toe monochromatic look.

Shoes in slightly lighter or darker brown than the dress provides subtle contrast. Tan shoes blend seamlessly with beige-brown sundresses for understated style.

Deep chocolate pumps match elegantly with coffee-colored dresses. Combining cool grey-browns with warm nutmeg browns lends depth and visual interest.

Metallic brown shoes also subtly catch the light against matte brown dresses. Go for variety in brown shoe styles, like sneakers with casual dresses and heels with formal looks.

Precisely matching the undertones in brown shoe and dress shades creates a lengthening effect. Play with all shades of brown together to craft pulled-together, sophisticated looks.

What are some shoe styles that go well with brown dresses?

There are several shoe styles that pair well with brown dresses, depending on the shade of brown and the formality of the dress:

Casual Brown Dresses

For casual brown dresses, such as sundresses or sweater dresses:

  • Sandals in metallic gold or silver would look beautiful, adding some shine. Ankle-strap sandals or wedges would be a great choice.
  • Neutral tan or beige shoes also complement brown casually. Try ankle boots, ballet flats, or espadrilles in these tones.
  • Colorful shoes like yellow, blue, or pink can provide a fun pop of contrast. Opt for casual styles like sneakers, flats, or sandals.

Semi-Formal Brown Dresses

For cocktail dresses, daytime formal wear, and other semi-formal occasions:

  • Black heels or pumps are a safe, classic choice. Patent leather or suede would work well.
  • Metallic shoes in gold, silver, or copper complement brown for evening wear. Try a stiletto, d’orsay, or ankle strap heel.
  • Nude or cream heels would elegantly lighten up the look. Pointed toes or kitten heels would suit a semi-formal dress.

Formal Brown Dresses

For very formal occasions like black tie events or weddings:

  • Black heels are the traditional formal option. Try closed-toe pumps, strappy sandals, or stilettos.
  • Metallic shoes like gold or silver add glamour. Opt for a formal style like a d’orsay, peep toe, or platform.
  • Nude heels in a satin or patent leather provide contrast. A pump, ankle strap, or slingback would work well.

What are some shoe colors to avoid with brown dresses?

Here are some shoe colors to avoid with brown dresses:

  • Matching brown shoes – Wearing the exact same shade of brown for both the dress and shoes can look dull. Opt for a brown shoe in a different shade instead.
  • Bright colors like neon or electric shades – These can clash with the earthy tones of brown. Stick to more muted brights like mustard yellow or cobalt blue instead.
  • Pure white – Stark white shoes can sometimes look harsh next to brown. An off-white, ivory or cream shade will be softer.
  • Red – A bright red shoe is likely to clash with brown dresses. A more muted burgundy could work for some shades of brown.
  • Pink – Hot pink tends not to complement brown well. A soft blush pink could work with lighter brown shades.

In general, aim for shoe colors that complement rather than compete with the brown dress. Neutrals like black, gray, tan and nude are safe options.

For a pop of color, go for shades like yellow, blue, green or metallic that flatter the brown rather than fight against it.

And remember to choose shoe shades that pair well with your skin tone too. With the right shoe color choice, your brown dress will look chic and stylish!

What Color Shoes Should I Wear With a Brown Dress?


In summary, the most flattering and versatile shoes to pair with brown dresses include neutral black, nude, white, and metallic shoes.

Colorful shoes in red, pink, blue, yellow, green, and shades of brown also complement brown dresses beautifully.

Matching undertones and experimenting with contrast levels allows you to create eye-catching or understated looks.

With so many possible combinations, you can confidently style brown dresses for any occasion.

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