Color Sandals Go With Everything

When it comes to styling sandals, one key question always pops up: Which colors match with everything in my closet? The short answer is versatile neutrals and earth tones.

These timeless shades effortlessly complement any summer outfit. More specifically, go for sandals in classic tan, beige, brown, white, nude, camel, or metallic tones.

These harmonize beautifully with all the brights, pastels, prints, and color combos already hanging in your wardrobe.

Beyond just color, consider the silhouette, height, and embellishments that express your personal style.

Heeled, flat, sporty, strappy – there’s a perfect sandal to elevate every outfit this season.

Keep reading to learn about the 6 best sandal colors that pair perfectly with every outfit.

The 6 Best Sandal Colors That Go With Any Outfit

1: Brown Sandals

Brown sandals come in different shades, from light tan to deep chocolate. Each pairs well with certain colors.

Light brown sandals match pastels, brights, and neutrals. Medium brown sandals complement earth tones like olive, burgundy, and navy.

Dark brown sandals add warmth to black, deep purple, or forest green.

Versatile Brown Shades

Light Brown: Light brown, also called tan, pairs great with pastels, brights, and neutrals. It’s perfect for summer dresses and skirts.

Medium Brown: Medium brown, like cognac, goes well with earth tones like olive, burgundy, and navy. It also matches denim and boho looks.

Dark Brown: Dark brown sandals, including chocolate and espresso, add warmth to darker hues like black, deep purple, and forest green. They work well for fall and winter.

2: Beige Sandals

Beige sandals create an elegant look for both dressy and casual wear. They blend seamlessly into any outfit thanks to their versatility.

Whether you’re headed to brunch or the beach, beige sandals add a touch of sophistication.

They work with patterns, bright colors, and neutrals effortlessly.

3: Tan Sandals

From jeans to sundresses, tan sandals complement any casual look. Their versatility allows them to pair well with colors, prints, and patterns.

Tan sandals are perfect for outdoor activities and relaxed occasions.

They provide a laidback accent to boho, beachy, or vacation outfits. Both flat and heeled tan sandals will never go out of style.

4: Nude Sandals

Nude sandals are versatile shoes that match any skin tone. They create the illusion of longer legs by blending seamlessly with your natural skin.

Nude sandals perfectly complement minimalist looks and monochromatic outfits.

Both casual nudes like barefoot leathers and dressy kitten heels work for day or night events.

5: White Sandals

White sandals give a relaxed, beachy vibe year-round. Their versatile neutral color allows them to complement any outfit, from casual tees and jeans to dressy cocktail attire.

White sandals are ideal for warmer weather, providing an instant style boost and elongating the leg. They effortlessly match brights, pastels, prints, and earth tones.

Year-Round White Sandal Pairings

  • Warmer Weather: White sandals are perfect for the warm weather months. Try them with shorts, swimsuits, sundresses, and breezy linens.
  • Cooler Weather: In cooler temps, pair white sandals with jeans, pants, or sweaters. Closed-toe styles work especially well.

6: Camel Sandals

Camel sandals have a warm, earthy color that infuses outfits with bohemian flair. They complement natural hues, denim, and earth tones perfectly.

Camel sandals work for both dressy and casual occasions. Whether you’re headed to a summer music festival or Sunday brunch, camel sandals provide a relaxed vibe.

Styles range from flat leather sandals to heeled options.

Matching Sandals to Outfits

When pairing sandals with an outfit, consider these factors:

  • Color – Match or complement the outfit’s colors. Neutrals work with almost anything.
  • Style – Formal outfits need dressy sandals, casual looks pair well with flat or sporty styles.
  • Proportions – Skirts and short dresses look best with strappier heels, while maxis match flat or low wedge sandals.
  • Texture – Delicate fabrics like lace call for dainty leather or jeweled sandals. Cotton and linens work with leather, cork, or rubber.
  • Occasion – Formal events need heels or wedges, casual affairs are better with flats.
  • Weather – Warmer temps are ideal for open-toed sandals, while closed-toe styles work better in cooler weather.

Most importantly, choose sandals you feel great wearing. Confidence is always in style!

TypeDescriptionExample Styles
FlatNo heel for all-day comfortFlip flops, slides, thongs
Low WedgeSubtle lift from a low wedge heelEspadrilles, platform wedges
StrappyMultiple straps wrap around ankle and footGladiators, huaraches
Chic HeelClassic heel heights from kitten to chunkySlingbacks, mules, block heels
SportyAthletic-inspired straps with sporty solesVelcro closures, sport slides
Dressy HeelSophisticated styles with heights from mid to stilettoAnkle straps, peep toes, classic pumps

This summer’s hottest sandal trends include:

  • Straps winding up calves and ankles for that gladiator look
  • Metallic gold, silver, and rose gold tones on straps
  • Platform soles for a height boost
  • Clear sandals to showcase bright pedicures
  • Sporty velcro closures for ’90s style
  • Sparkly rhinestones and beading for a glam nighttime style

With so many options, you can rock stylish sandals for any occasion!


Choosing versatile neutral and earth-tone sandals ensures your footwear complements any outfit.

Classics like brown, tan, and beige work with everything. Have fun mixing and matching your sandals to create a fashionable summer style!

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