How To Accessorize a Floral Dress for a Wedding: 4 Short Tips

If you want to wear a floral dress to a wedding, there are some great ways to accessorize it. A cardigan or jacket in a solid color can look great with a floral dress, as can a scarf or belt. You can also add some sparkle with jewelry, and don’t forget your shoes! Keep Reading … Read more

How to Accessorize a Grey Dress for a Wedding: 2023 Expert Tips

What color jewelry goes with a peach dress

Grey dresses are versatile wedding guest attire, allowing casual daytime and formal evening styling. But, grey’s neutral tone can be tricky to accessorize in a unique way suited for weddings. The key is choosing accessories in colors, textures, and shapes that pop against the grey background. Statement jewelry, sparkling metallics, colorful shoes and bags, and … Read more

How To Accessorize A Royal Blue Dress For A Wedding 2023

To accessorize a royal blue dress for a wedding, consider pairing it with gold or silver jewelry and shoes. A clutch or small handbag in a complementary color will also help to pull the look together. For a more formal affair, add a statement necklace or earrings and wear your hair up to show off … Read more