NBA players change their basketball shoes frequently, with most estimates suggesting they wear a new pair every 1-20 games.

The equipment manager for the Denver Nuggets says that an NBA player typically uses around 50 pairs of shoes during an 82-game season.

This means that, on average, each pair of shoes lasts for less than two games.

What Are The reasons NBA players change shoes so often:

There are several reasons NBA players change shoes so often:

  • Comfort – Many players say they change shoes for comfort and performance, as their feet can feel uncomfortable after just a few games of wear. The shoes start to break down and lose support.
  • Charity/Community Outreach – Players will sometimes wear special shoes to promote a cause or charity, then donate the game-worn shoes. It’s a way to build their brand.
  • Marketing – Shoe companies provide star players with new player-exclusive (PE) colorways every few weeks to market the latest models. However, this mainly applies to players with shoe deals.
  • Superstition – Some players are superstitious and will change shoes hoping to change their luck if they are having a bad game.
  • Access to Shoes – Stars with shoe deals have access to unlimited shoes so they can easily change pairs every game if desired.
  • Custom Fit – Shoes are custom molded to each player’s feet for optimal fit and comfort out of the box, so breaking them in isn’t needed as much.

While stars change shoes the most frequently, the typical NBA player still goes through shoes fairly often.

Experts recommend changing basketball shoes every 350-500 miles or 70 hours of play. Frequency also depends on playing time, weight, play style, and court surface.

How Long Do NBA Players Keep Their Shoes?

The answer to this question largely depends on the player. Some NBA players keep their shoes forever, while others may only wear them for a few games before donating them or giving them away.

Generally speaking, NBA players tend to rotate through multiple pairs of shoes during a season as they look for the perfect fit and comfort level.

They also often receive free products from various shoe companies so it’s not unusual for them to cycle through different models more frequently than other athletes.

Ultimately, how long an NBA player keeps their shoes is up to the individual and could range anywhere from one game to many seasons depending on the situation.

Do Nba Basketball Players Wear New Shoes Every Game?

No, NBA basketball players do not wear new shoes every game. Players frequently switch shoes throughout the season to find the best fit for their playing style.

Some players even have sponsorships with certain brands, so they may be seen wearing different styles of shoes depending on which brand is sponsoring them at any given time.

Additionally, some players prefer to break in their shoes before using them in games to make sure they feel more natural while playing on the court.

Do All NBA Players Get Free Shoes?

No, not all NBA players get free shoes. While some may receive free shoes from sponsorships or endorsements, there are still some NBA players who have to pay for their own sneakers.

It is generally the bigger-name stars that tend to receive free Nike and Adidas signature models, while mid-tier and rookie players often have to purchase their own footwear.

Players can often offset costs by making smaller deals with lesser-known shoe brands for discounts or free pairs. But ultimately, they choose what to wear on the court.

Do NBA players Wear New Socks Every Game?

Yes, NBA players wear new socks every game. This is to ensure the highest level of hygiene and comfort for the players during a game.

The team’s equipment manager will provide each player with one pair of fresh socks for each game day.

The socks must be labeled with their name and number so that they can easily identify them when changing into their uniforms before a game.

New pairs of socks are also provided for practice sessions as well as important events such as playoffs or championship games.


This post has shown that NBA players often change their shoes during the course of a game.

While some players may switch out their shoes after every quarter, others will change them when they feel they need more support or cushioning.

Furthermore, many superstars will wear special edition shoes as part of marketing deals with shoe companies.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual player to decide how frequently they want to switch out their footwear throughout a game.

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