Zadeh Kicks can source rare, limited edition, and sought-after sneakers.

He does this through his connections in the sneaker community, attending sneaker conventions, buying online, and verifying authenticity.

He is an expert authenticator and restorer, allowing him to take great care of the shoes before reselling them for a profit. It takes knowledge, passion, and perseverance.

Zadehkicks’ Interest in Sneakers

Ever since he was a kid, Zadeh Kicks has been fascinated by sneakers. He loved collecting different pairs, keeping them clean, and showing them off to his friends.

As he got older, his interest grew – he started diving deep into sneaker culture, learning about limited editions, collaborations, and exclusive drops.

For Zadeh, sneakers are more than just shoes – they represent art, culture, passion, and connections. With his extensive knowledge and love for sneakers, he eventually decided to turn his hobby into a business.

How Zadehkicks Sources Shoes

How Does Zadeh kicks Get His Shoes

1. Going to Sneaker Conventions

One of the main ways Zadeh Kicks finds rare sneakers is by attending sneaker conventions and events. For example, he goes to Sneaker Con, which pops up in different cities and connects collectors, buyers, and sellers.

By navigating these conventions, he can network, find vendors with exclusive stock, and get access to shoes that the general public may not have.

He often finds hidden gems by digging through booths and speaking to well-connected people in the industry.

The hands-on experience at conventions allows him to see shoes in person, try them on, and haggle for the best deals.

2. Buying Online

Zadeh also sources sneakers by browsing online shops and marketplaces. Websites like eBay, GOAT, and StockX are hubs for sneakerheads to buy and sell new, used shoes.

These provide a never-ending trove of options. By checking these sites daily and looking for good deals, Zadeh can add rare finds to his inventory.

For highly coveted releases, he enters online raffles and tries to secure pairs for retail price.

Building connections with sellers online is also crucial – this can get him access to inventory before it hits the broader market.

3. Getting Connections in the Industry

Over the years, Zadeh has cultivated relationships with major players in the sneaker scene. He networks and collaborates with consignment owners, resellers, collectors, and even employees at sneaker companies.

These connections give him insider access to upcoming launches, limited runs, and exclusive opportunities.

They tip him off when unique new shoes are about to drop so he can get pairs before anyone else.

 Zadeh also works out deals and trades with other respected community members. His reputation and rolodex provide constant access to rare kicks.

Authenticating and Restoring Sneakers

1. Checking for Signs of Authenticity

Once Zadeh sources a pair of shoes, he meticulously authenticates them. He examines all the fine details – materials, stitching, logos, etc.

He can spot a fake from a mile away. Zadeh knows what to look for because he has handled countless authentic pairs.

By scrutinizing the sneakers and verifying legitimacy, he builds trust and ensures he only sells genuine, high-quality products.

2. Cleaning and Restoring

Part of the authentication process also includes cleaning and restoring the shoes. Zadeh has developed specialized techniques for whitening soles, removing creases, and revitalizing materials.

He uses professional tools and products to make old and used shoes look brand new again. This restoration process allows him to maximize a pair’s condition and value.

Whether it is vintage Jordans from 1985 or new Yeezys, he can refresh them before selling.

3. Reselling and Making Profit

Once the sneakers are authenticated and restored, Zadeh Kicks resells them for a profit through his online store and other platforms.

The rare, exclusive shoes he has access to are highly coveted and hard to find. Because of this, he can sell them for much higher than the original retail price – sometimes double, triple, or more.

Popular limited edition drops can resell for thousands. By leveraging his sourcing capabilities and reputation, Zadeh can turn his passion into a thriving sneaker business.

4. Challenges Zadehkicks Faces

Despite his success, Zadeh also faces challenges in sourcing and selling sneakers. Competition is fierce as more resellers enter the market.

Highly anticipated releases often sell out instantly and are challenging to obtain in high quantities. He also has to avoid buying counterfeit shoes, which takes careful examination.

Maintaining his connections and network requires consistent effort. Storage space and organization for his massive inventory can also be a struggle. Still, his knowledge and hustle allow him to overcome any obstacles.

How Does Zadehkicks Make Money?

Zadeh Kicks is able to generate substantial revenue by reselling exclusive sneakers.

He sources limited edition, rare shoes for low prices by leveraging his connections and authentication skills.

These shoes are then resold through his online store at significant markups – often double or triple the retail price. Popular collaborations like Travis Scott Jordans can resell for thousands.

By continually sourcing coveted inventory and selling at a premium, Zadeh is able to turn his passion into steady profits.

His expertise in the sneaker market and a curated selection of shoes keep demand high.

As long as exclusive sneakers are released, Zadeh Kicks will make money by serving as a reseller.

Who Owns Zadeh Kicks?

So there’s this guy named Moe Zadeh who started the company Zadeh Kicks. He’s been a huge sneakerhead since he was a kid collecting Jordans and Air Maxes.

As he got older, Moe got super into understanding everything about different sneakers – the history, rarest pairs, limited collaborations, and more.

He knew so much that he realized he could make a bank just by reselling hard-to-find kicks that everyone wanted.

So he started linking up with plugs, scoring the most popping shoes out there, and then selling them to make a profit.

That’s how Moe leveraged his passion for sneakers into his own business that he owns and operates today. The dude knows the shoe game better than anyone!

What Happened With Zadeh Kicks?

Zadeh Kicks was a new sneaker startup that launched in 2021 with a big marketing push and celebrity endorsements.

However, problems soon emerged. Despite hype and pre-orders, the company struggled to actually manufacture and deliver its sneakers to customers.

Angry buyers waited months past promised delivery dates with no sign of their shoes. Eventually, Zadeh announced they were ceasing operations and filed for bankruptcy, unable to deliver on orders or refund customers.

The company blamed COVID-19 supply chain issues but many saw it as overpromising and underdelivering.

Zadeh serves as a cautionary tale about the gap between marketing hype and operational execution for new brands.

What Exactly Happened To Zadehkicks? From Millions To Indictment


In the end, Zadeh Kicks has mastered the art of the sneaker game through years of experience and genuine passion.

Thanks to his diverse sourcing methods, authentication skills, and strong connections, he is a leading figure in the sneaker community.

Zadeh proves that you can turn a niche interest into an enduring business with grit and smarts.


Q: Where does Zadeh Kicks get the money to buy such rare sneakers?

A: Zadeh funds his shoe purchases through the profits from reselling. Popular and limited sneakers command high resale prices. He reinvests a portion of those profits into buying new inventory. Bank loans, private investors, and business credit lines also provide funding.

Q: How many shoes does Zadeh have in his current inventory?

A: His inventory is constantly changing as he buys and sells shoes. But at any given time, Zadeh likely has 2,000-5,000 sneakers. His large stock allows constant new product listings and sales.

Q: Does Zadeh sell shoes on sites beyond his store?

A: Yes, Zadeh utilizes other e-commerce platforms and apps to sell shoes, including eBay, GOAT, and StockX. Maximizing his reach across different marketplaces allows him to access the most buyers.

Q: How does Zadeh ship sneakers safely to customers?

A: He packages shoes in sturdy boxes to avoid damage and uses tracking numbers and signature delivery confirmation. Fragile items are protected with bubble wrap and foam inserts. Proper shipping is vital for footwear.

Q: What is Zadeh’s most expensive or rare sneaker purchase?

A: Some of his rarest acquisitions include the original 1985 Air Jordan 1s, Nike Mags, and Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4s. These have retailed for as high as $50,000-$100,000 based on condition, exclusivity, and hype.
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