In short, Bad Bunny shoes run true to size or slightly oversized. The musician has collaborated with brands like Adidas and Crocs on unique and stylish sneakers and clogs that often sell out instantly.

Getting the right fit for your Bad Bunny kicks requires checking size charts, reading reviews, and trying them in-store.

Once you get a pair, you may need to break them in with some wear around the house or inserts. Caring for Bad Bunny shoes means cleaning them regularly, using protectants, and storing them properly so they last.

What are Bad Bunny Shoes?

How Do Bad Bunny Shoes Run

Bad Bunny, the massively popular Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, is known for his edgy and flashy style.

Over the past few years, he has partnered with significant footwear brands to design and release exclusive shoe collections.

Fans go wild trying to get their hands on these limited-edition Bad Bunny shoes!

Some of his most famous designs include:

  • The Bad Bunny Crocs – Classic clog silhouette featuring glow-in-the-dark details, jeweled charms, and Bad Bunny’s signature design elements. These quirky clogs flew off the shelves when they launched.
  • Adidas Forum Powerphase – Retro basketball-style sneaker decked out with Bad Bunny’s touches like oversized tongues, chunky soles, and neon colors. People lined up for hours trying to cop these shoes.
  • Reebok Club C – Clean, minimal tennis shoe that Bad Bunny remixed with soft suede, flashy colors, and his “BB” logo. A sleeker Bad Bunny shoe choice.

Owning a pair of Bad Bunny’s signature shoes is a status symbol among fans. But with limited stocks selling out fast, getting the right size can be challenging.

Do Bad Bunny Shoes Run Big or Small?

Most Bad Bunny shoe collaborations generally tend to run true to size or slightly big. However, it depends on the specific model.

The Bad Bunny Crocs are known to run large. Reviewers recommend sizing down a full size from your standard shoe size for the best Crocs fit. If you’re between sizes, size down instead of up.

The Adidas Forum Powerphases seem to run true to size for most wearers. Stick with your regular Adidas sneaker size. Wide footers say going up half a size provides a little extra room.

Bad Bunny’s Reebok Club Cs also fit true to size for most wearers. But some note the shoes are narrow, so wider feet may want to size up half a size.

Since Bad Bunny partners with different brands, sizing can vary between models. Check reviews of the specific shoe you want for the best guidance. Going up or down a half or full size is often recommended for the ideal fit.

Tips for Getting the Right Bad Bunny Shoe Size

How Do Bad Bunny Shoes Run

Bad Bunny shoes sell out extremely fast, so you often need to grab your size quickly. Here are some tips for making sure you get the right fit:

Check the Brand’s Size Chart

Consult the brand’s size chart (Crocs, Adidas, etc) for the model you want. Compare your measurements to their chart and choose accordingly. This gives you an idea of what size to start with.

Read Online Reviews

Do research on sizing. See what other buyers are saying about how the shoes fit. Look for repeated notes about running large or small. This gives insight beyond the basic size chart.

Consider Going Up or Down a Half Size

As noted above, many Bad Bunny shoes require sizing up or down from your regular size. Factor this into your order if mentioned repeatedly in reviews. It’s better to get a half size bigger or smaller than your normal size if needed for the right fit.

Try Them on In-Store if Possible

If you can find the shoes in a local store first, try them on. This guarantees you order the right online size after physically testing the fit. Call ahead to check availability if your desired model is sold out online.

Getting Bad Bunny shoe sizing right first means reading reviews, consulting charts, and trying in-store. This ensures your feet are happy when the kicks arrive!

Breaking in Your Bad Bunny Shoes

Fresh out of the box, Bad Bunny shoes may feel stiff and tight or take some time molding to your feet. Breaking them in properly will get them feeling comfortable in no time. Here are some tips:

Wear Them Around the House

Walk around in the new kicks at home to gently loosen them up. Start with short periods, like 30 minutes to an hour at a time. The foot motion and warmth from your feet will soften materials and stretch them slightly.

Use Sock Inserts or Petroleum Jelly

Applying sock inserts or rubbing petroleum jelly on areas prone to blisters can prevent friction and discomfort. These products cushion pressure points that need some breaking in. Focus on places like heels, toes, and ankles.

Have Them Professionally Stretched

For shoes that are still snug after some breaking in, take them to a shoe repair shop. Ask them to professionally stretch the shoes to expand tight spots, whether it’s the width, toe box, or other areas. This custom loosening makes a too-tight fit just suitable.

With some intelligent tactics, those rigid new Bad Bunny kicks turn into a perfectly comfy fit made just for your feet—no more stiff shoes – just a signature style that feels great.

Caring for Your Bad Bunny Shoes

Bad Bunny shoes aren’t cheap, so you’ll want to take care of them! Follow these tips to keep your shoes looking fresh:

Clean Them Regularly

Wipe down your Bad Bunny shoes routinely to remove dirt, dust, and stains. Use warm water, gentle cleaners or soap, and a soft brush. Rinse and air dry away from direct heat.

Use Protectants

Spray suede or canvas shoes with a protective spray, creating a repellent barrier against moisture, oil, and dirt. Reapply every few months for optimal repelling effects.

Store Properly

Keep Bad Bunny shoes in the original box, or store them in breathable cotton bags if possible. Place shoe trees inside to absorb moisture and maintain the shape. Avoid humidity, direct sunlight, or extreme temperatures.

With essential maintenance and care between wears, your Bad Bunny Crocs, Reeboks, or Forum sneakers will look fresh and last. Take care of your shoes, and they’ll take care of your feet for miles to come!


Do I need to size up or down for Bad Bunny shoes?

Bad Bunny shoes run big, so sizing down is usually recommended. For the Crocs, size down a full size.

How long does it take to break in new Bad Bunny shoes?

Plan on wearing them around the house for 30-60 minutes for the first few weeks. Using sock inserts or petroleum jelly can help during the break-in period too.

Can I wash my Bad Bunny shoes?

You can wash canvas or suede Bad Bunny shoes using warm water, gentle soap, and a soft brush. Avoid machine washing them. Allow them to air dry away from direct heat to avoid damage entirely.

How often should I clean my Bad Bunny shoes?

Aim to clean them every 2-4 weeks if wearing them regularly. Wipe down with a damp cloth after heavy use days when visibly dirty. Regular cleaning keeps them looking fresh.

What’s the best way to store Bad Bunny shoes?

Store in the original box if possible, or use breathable cotton bags. Insert shoe trees to help shoes keep their shape. Keep away from direct sunlight or moisture in a cool, dry place to prevent damage. Proper storage preserves their condition.

For the Forum and Club C sneakers, size down a half size if you have narrow feet or want a snugger fit. Always check reviews of the specific model too.

After regular wear, they should feel comfortable within 2-4 weeks. They have them professionally stretched to speed up the process if needed.

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