Yes, Bruno Magli’s shoes run small. According to customers’ reviews and measurements, their sizes are usually a half-size smaller than regular sizes. For example, if you normally wear an 8 in other brands of shoes, you should size up to an 8.5 when buying Bruno Magli’s footwear.

Additionally, the toe box area is narrower than most other brands so it can feel tight for some people with wide feet or high arches. To make sure that your new pair fits comfortably and properly, consider ordering a half size bigger than what you usually wear or try them on at stores before purchasing online if possible.

Is Bruno Magli a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Bruno Magli is a luxury brand. Founded in 1936 by three brothers, the Italian company has been creating high-quality leather shoes for over 80 years. Their products are handmade with only the finest materials and craftsmanship which makes them one of the most sought after brands in both Europe and America.

The classic yet modern designs appeal to men and women looking for fashion forward footwear that will last through many seasons without losing its shape or style.

Are Bruno Magli Shoes High Quality?

Bruno Magli shoes are known for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The company has been producing luxury footwear since 1936, so they have a long history of making premium quality shoes that stand the test of time. Their shoes are made with high-quality leathers and other materials, as well as meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of construction.

All Bruno Magli shoes also come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. With excellent design, superior materials and outstanding craftsmanship, it’s no wonder why Bruno Magli is one of the leading names in luxury footwear today.

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Bruno Magli Sneakers

Bruno Magli is a luxury Italian footwear label that has been creating stylish and sophisticated shoes since 1936. Known for their exceptional fit, quality materials, and timeless design, Bruno Magli sneakers are perfect for any occasion. With an array of colors and styles available, you can find the perfect sneaker to add to your wardrobe.

Whether it’s for casual or formal wear, Bruno Magli sneakers will complete any look with sophistication and style!


In conclusion, Bruno Magli shoes are known for their quality and style, but it is important to consider the size before purchasing. Based on customer reviews, many people do find that Bruno Magli shoes run small compared to other brands of similar styles. Therefore, if this is a concern for you when shopping for new shoes, it might be best to order a half-size or even full-size up from your normal shoe size.

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