Do Adidas shoes run small? The short answer is – it depends. Adidas shoes tend to run true to size, but some styles may fit slightly small.

The fit can vary based on the materials used and the model of shoe. Finding your perfect Adidas shoe size requires measuring your feet properly, consulting Adidas’ size charts, trying shoes on when possible, and breaking them in gradually.

Read on for more details about Adidas sizing, factors that affect fit, tips for finding your ideal size, size charts for popular models, kids sizing, and how to get the perfect fit.

Adidas shoes tend to run true to size

A lot of Adidas shoes are designed to fit close to standard sizing. Models like the Gazelle, Samba, Continental 80, and many running shoes from Adidas will typically fit how you expect based on your normal size.

If you don’t size up or down when buying Nike, New Balance, or other major brands, you can feel confident ordering your regular size in these true-to-size Adidas styles.

Just double check the reviews and size chart for that specific shoe before purchasing to make sure sizing doesn’t vary.

Some Adidas shoes run slightly small

Certain Adidas shoes are notorious for running small and fitting more snug than usual.

Two examples of popular Adidas styles that often run about a half or full size small are the Superstar and Stan Smith.

Many wearers need to size up in these classic leather low-tops to get the proper amount of toe room.

Similarly, narrower shoe models like the SL 72 tend to fit smaller. Try sizing up, especially if you have wider feet, when buying Adidas shoes made of stiffer leather that don’t stretch much.

Tips for finding your ideal Adidas shoe size

Do adidas run small

Finding the perfect fit with Adidas shoes can take some trial and error. Here are some tips:

  • Reference size charts Adidas provides detailed size charts for each model that list the exact inch dimensions.
  • Read reviews – See what other buyers say about how the shoes fit. Look for notes on sizing up or down.
  • Try both sizes – If you’re between sizes, order both and compare fits. Many shoes stretch a little with wear.
  • Know your measurements – Measure your feet’s length and width to compare to size charts.
  • Shop in-store – Try shoes on in person when possible to ensure best fit.

Factors That Impact Adidas Shoe Sizing

Several factors can affect how Adidas shoes fit in terms of sizing and comfort. Being aware of these key factors will help you find the right size shoe.

Shoe materials affect fit

Stiffer, non-stretchy materials like leather can fit more snug than flexible knit or mesh shoes.

Leather shoes often need to be broken in over time to stretch and form to your feet.

In general, leather Adidas like Superstars fit smaller than knit shoes like Ultraboosts.

Consider sizing up in leather shoes if you have wider feet or want a roomier toe box. Knit shoes have more give and flexibility, reducing the need to size up.

Different models have varied fits

Within the same sizing, Adidas models have varied shapes and fits. Lifestyle models like the Superstar and Stan Smith fit narrower in the toe than performance running shoes.

Wide-footer friendly options include Ultraboost, Solarboost, and other Boost models designed with extra toe room.

Consider the overall shape and intent of the shoe – performance shoes fit looser by design for natural foot motion while retro styles look sleeker with a snugger fit.

Consider the shape of your feet

Your individual foot shape and proportions also impact size selection. Those with wider feet or high insteps may need to size up, especially in narrow-fitting shoes.

If you have long, narrow feet you can likely stick with your standard size. Measure the length and width of your feet and refer to size charts to find models that match your foot’s dimensions.

Also factor in common fit issues like sizing up for bunions, high arches, or orthotics. Trying shoes on is the best way to gauge comfort and space for your unique feet.

Finding Your Perfect Adidas Shoe Size

Dialing in the ideal Adidas shoe size for your feet may take a few tries but is worth the effort for long-lasting comfort. Here are some top tips for finding that just-right Adidas shoe size:

Measure your feet properly

Use a Brannock device or printable measuring tool to get accurate length and width measurements of your feet. Measure at the end of the day when your feet are slightly swollen.

When measuring length, make sure to measure from the back of the heel to the longest toe with your foot flat against the wall.

Compare your measurements to size charts of the exact model you want. Proper measuring sets the foundation for choosing the correct size.

Consult Adidas’ size charts

Adidas provides detailed size charts that include the exact foot length and width dimensions of each full and half shoe size.

Compare your measurements to the charts and choose the size that aligns or size up if you’re between sizes.

Size charts are specific to each shoe model so be sure to reference the chart for your particular style.

For example, an Adidas Ultraboost size 10 has larger dimensions than a Stan Smith size 10. Consulting the charts helps eliminate guessing.

Try before you buy when possible

Trying on shoes in-store is the best way to nail down sizing. Walk around the store with both sizes on if you’re between sizes to gauge comfort and fit.

Trying shoes on accounts for the model’s unique fit, your exact foot dimensions, and desired comfort level.

If buying online, order two sizes if possible and compare the in-hand fit side-by-side. Return the size that doesn’t fit quite right.

Breaking shoes in at home allows you to get a feel for how they’ll fit after wear.

Break shoes in gradually

Allow new Adidas shoes a break-in period of a few weeks for the fit to adjust to your feet.

Stiff leather shoes especially will stretch and form to your feet over time. Wear them around the house before all-day wear.

If they still feel too small after a couple weeks, return or exchange them for a larger size.

A snug fit out of the box is normal but your toes shouldn’t feel pinched. Listen to your feet. Properly broken-in shoes will feel like a custom fit.

Adidas Size Charts for Common Styles

Size charts provide the nitty gritty details on exact sizing dimensions for each Adidas shoe model.

Here are quick hits on the fit and sizing for some of the brand’s most popular styles:


The iconic Superstar tends to run half a size to a full size small due to the stiff, narrow leather upper.

Size up, especially if you have wider feet. They also fit narrower in the toe box than performance shoes.

The smooth leather will stretch and form to your feet over time so don’t worry if they feel snug at first. Just leave that extra toe room by sizing up.

Stan Smith

Like the Superstar, the classic Stan Smith usually runs small and narrow. Size up half a size to a full size from your normal shoe size for a comfortable fit, allowing the leather to break-in.

These have less padding than the Superstar so sizing up prevents your feet from feeling cramped, especially if you’ll be walking a lot in them.

The shape is slightly less narrow than the Superstar but still fits much smaller than knit shoes.


The NMD_R1 tends to run true to size for most but some say it runs slightly small.

If you’re between sizes, consider sizing up for a roomier fit as the knit material has minimal stretch. The sock-like knit upper contours to different foot shapes nicely.

Wider feet may feel a bit constrained in the toe box so try both your regular size and half a size up to compare if possible. Overall, the NMD provides a comfortable, secure fit great for all-day wear.


Ultraboost running shoes are designed to fit more generously than lifestyle models. They allow plenty of toe splay and freedom of motion without restriction, especially in the toe box.

Most people can wear their standard running shoe size in Ultraboost styles, but sizing up half a size is an option for a little extra room.

The stretchy Primeknit upper and flexible midsole allow your feet to expand naturally when running.

Ultraboost stretch to accommodate swelling on long runs. With the right amount of snugness, the upper cradles your foot securely.

Adidas Kids’ Shoe Sizing

Finding the correct Adidas kids’ shoe size requires the same considerations as adult shoes – measuring feet, consulting size charts, and trying shoes on. Kids’ feet grow rapidly so ensure proper fit by:

  • Measuring feet every 2-3 months
  • Having kids try shoes on in-store
  • Allowing ample growing room (thumb width of space in toe box)
  • Sizing up a half or full size if between sizes
  • Buying shoes later in the day when feet are larger

Kids should get properly fitted for shoes at a shoe store annually. Like adult shoes, certain kids’ Adidas styles run small so check reviews and size up accordingly.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Dialing in the ideal size takes effort but ensures Adidas shoes feel like they were made for your feet. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Measure feet and reference size charts
  • Try both sizes if between sizes
  • Shop late in the day as feet swell
  • Allow for break-in period; leather will stretch
  • Consider specialized fits like wide sizing for wide feet
  • Rely on reviews noting sizing quirks of models
  • Shop with a Brannock device for ideal measuring

With the right size, Adidas shoes become comfortable go-to’s you want to wear daily. An accurate, personalized fit prevents discomfort so your feet can feel their best whether working out or walking about town.


Finding your perfect Adidas shoe size requires due diligence – measuring properly, noting size charts, and trying shoes on whenever possible.

While many Adidas shoes fit true to size, some styles run small and require sizing up, especially models with stiff leather.

Let your specific foot dimensions and desired comfort level guide your Adidas shoe size selection.

With the huge variety of models and materials used, sizing is not one-size-fits-all. Find the size that fits the unique shape of your feet and feels like it was custom made for you.

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