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My Story: A Journey of Passion and Purpose

Hi, I am Camila, the founderĀ of colorofshoes.com, and I am the voice behind the blog.

A portrait picture of Camila Coelho, the founder of colorofshoes.com and the Voice Behind the Blog

About me: I grew up in the United States, and after many years of living there, I recently relocated to Hong Kong.

From a young age, my fascination with fashion and styling began to blossom. As my passion grew, those around me couldn’t help but notice the depth of my enthusiasm

An Anecdote From My Youth

Please allow me to share a pivotal moment from my youth:

It happened that my sister started looking to me for advice regarding her wedding dress. As she stood amidst a sea of options, overwhelmed by the array of choices, she turned to me for guidance. Drawing upon my innate sense of style and attention to detail, I carefully assessed her preferences and envisioned the perfect ensemble that would encapsulate her essence on this special day. With a blend of excitement and nerves, my sister put all her trust in me as we embarked on a journey to find the ideal accessories to complement her gown.

As you can imagine, I put everything I’ve got, helping her style that dress. Mustering all my attention to detail, I styled and coordinated everything, from the delicate lace veils to her shimmering jewelry. Each selection was made with precision and care. Witnessing her radiance as she adorned herself with the final touches filled me with pride and joy. In the end, seeing her walk down the aisle exuding confidence and beauty was a testament to the bond we shared and the trust she placed in my advice. It was a moment of collaboration and connection that will forever hold a cherished place in my heart.

Why I Created My Website

Realizing the amount of joy this created to people around me, I decided to bring my passion to life to let a broader audience, including yourself, benefit from it. This is why I created my website, with the mission to provide you with a true and clear understanding of how to wear various colours of shoes with different dresses, style any wedding dress, and determine the appropriate color of shoes to wear with different shirts and pants.

I hope you enjoy the blog posts on my site.

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