If you want a pair of versatile tennis shoes that can match everything in your wardrobe, go for white or black.

These classic neutral shades tend to be the most universal colors that will coordinate well with any outfit.

After white and black, gray, navy, tan, and brown tennis shoes are also great options that will pair nicely with most clothes.

Read on for tips on choosing the best all-matching tennis shoes.

Here are 5 color tennis shoes that go with everything

color tennis shoes go with everything

1. White tennis shoes

Nothing beats a fresh pair of bright white tennis shoes when it comes to versatility. The clean white color allows you to effortlessly incorporate the shoes into any outfit combination.

Match white tennis shoes with any color pants, from light tan chinos to bright red jeans. They’ll instantly lighten up an all-black outfit.

White shoes pair perfectly with dresses and skirts, from a casual sundress to a formal gown. Nautical-inspired looks are complimented by white tennis shoes.

White shoes work for a day at the office and then can be dressed up for a night out. Any season, any occasion – you really can’t go wrong with crisp white tennis shoes as your go-to pair that goes with everything.

2. Black tennis shoes

Black tennis shoes are just as versatile as white but in a different way. The darker color allows black shoes to seamlessly blend into any monochromatic outfit for a sleek, pulled-together look.

They instantly dress up in a casual pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Black shoes match effortlessly with black pants or shorts for a crisp, sharp look. They work perfectly to ground brighter colors like neon and pastels.

During the fall and winter, black tennis shoes pair nicely with darker colors and fabrics like leather, wool, and flannel. The neutral shade compliments prints and patterns.

Overall, the versatility of black tennis shoes comes from their ability to pull any outfit together into a chic, sophisticated look. They are easy to dress up or down, day or night.

3. Gray tennis shoes

Gray is an underrated neutral color for tennis shoes that can work with nearly every casual outfit. From heather gray to charcoal, the shade paired with white soles has versatility.

Gray shoes look great with denim, complementing both blue and black jeans. They pair nicely with olive, tan, khaki, and lighter brown pants for a crisp, laid-back style.

Gray tennis shoes stand out against brighter colors like red, pink, blue, and yellow without clashing.

They work well with pastels and florals, adding contrast. For those with cool-toned wardrobes featuring navy, plum, mint, and sky blue, gray is a perfect match.

The muted shade also pairs nicely with earth tones like rust, mustard, and forest green. Gray tennis shoes have a refined look for the office but are still sporty enough for everyday wear.

4. Navy tennis shoes

Like black and gray, navy is a versatile neutral shade for tennis shoes. However, navy has a deep, rich tone that allows the shoes to serve as a focal point and pop against lighter colors.

Navy shoes pair perfectly with tan, khaki, and stone pants, shorts, and skirts. Bright whites provide contrast and lighten up the look of navy shoes.

They coordinate nicely with lighter blues like denim washes and baby blue.

Red, corals, and oranges are complimented by the deep navy hue. Pastels like mint, lavender, and blush pink are balanced out by the navy’s boldness.

Navy shoes stand out from black and brown when paired with neutrals like gray, white, and beige.

The darker blue shade also works well with black and other dark neutrals. Overall, navy tennis shoes inject bold color into an outfit without overpowering it.

5. Brown tennis shoes

Brown tennis shoes are a versatile neutral that pair well with any fall earth tones.

Shades of brown like chestnut, chocolate, and caramel coordinate nicely with colors like olive green, burnt orange, rust red, cream, and mustard yellow.

Dark brown shoes work perfectly with black and darker neutrals as well, grounding the look. Tan, beige, and khaki pants and shorts are natural matches for various brown hues.

Distressed brown leather tennis shoes complement denim for a rugged casual vibe. During the spring and summer, brown shoes pair nicely with lighter fabrics like cotton, linen, and seersucker.

They look great with floral prints and pastels. For those with warm-toned complexions, brown tennis shoes flatter skin and hair.

Overall, brown is a flexible neutral that transitions smoothly across seasons for year-round wear.

6. Tan tennis shoes

Tan and beige tennis shoes are versatile spring and summer options that pair well with any lighter color palette. The creamy hues complement pastels, brights, and warm earth tones nicely.

Tan shoes look crisp with white and different shades of denim like indigo, light wash, and white jeans. They match seamlessly with other neutrals such as gray, navy, and different shades of brown.

Tan and beige pair particularly nicely with olive green, peach, light pink, sky blue, and butter yellow.

The soft earthy tone flatters linen, silk, and cotton fabrics. Tan shoes work well with floral prints and patterns.

For business casual office wear, tan shoes look sharp yet relaxed. During the warmer months, tan effectively grounds brightly colored shorts while still keeping an outfit palette light and airy.

Overall, tan tennis shoes have a laidback personality perfect for casual daytime activities.

How to choose tennis shoes that go with everything

When selecting a pair of tennis shoes you want to match with all your outfits, keep some tips in mind.

First, consider your own wardrobe colors and style. If you gravitate towards mostly neutrals, go for white, black, or gray.

If you wear lots of earth tones, try brown, tan, or navy. If you like bold brights and prints, choose a classic white or black pair to complement them.

Think about your personal style and typical activities – neutrals in sleek or classic silhouettes work for both professional and casual affairs. For maximum versatility, look for shoes in leather or canvas rather than a seasonal material like mesh or suede.

Simple, low-profile designs tend to pair better with more outfits. Choose shoelaces that complement the overall color. Following these guidelines will ensure you choose tennis shoes with unlimited pairing potential.

Consider your wardrobe

Analyze the colors, fabrics, and styles that are already prevalent in your closet. If you wear mostly neutral colors like black, gray, tan, denim, and olive green, go for white, black, or navy tennis shoes.

If you have lots of earth tones and darker hues for fall/winter, brown shoes will coordinate well. Brights and pastels pair best with white or black shoes as a neutral base.

If you are drawn to pretty floral prints and patterns, white and tan tennis shoes will complement them nicely without competing. Those with an all-American style full of reds, whites, and blues can choose classic white or navy shoes to match everything else.

Taking stock of what’s already in your wardrobe helps narrow down the versatile tennis shoe colors that will compliment your personal style.

Think about your personal style

Consider your own personal style and typical activities when choosing versatile tennis shoes. Are you a busy mom who needs shoes that work for the school run, gym, and errands? Opt for no-fuss white or black athletic sneakers.

For a relaxed boho look, try tan or brown shoes. Professionals who want shoes suitable for work and play should choose sleek leather styles in black, white, tan, or navy.

If you have an edgy streetwear aesthetic, white or gray provides a neutral foundation. Feminine florals and brights pair nicely with crisp white tennis shoes. Flexible neutrals like gray, navy, and brown work for both masculine and feminine styles.

Those with an athletic build can pull off chunky retro tennis shoes. Overall, choose timeless neutrals that align with your lifestyle needs and personal style for maximum versatility.

Choose a neutral color

Sticking to neutral shoe colors is the easiest way to guarantee coordination with any outfit combination. Classic choices like white, black, navy, gray, tan, and brown in leather, canvas or mesh will match everything.

Neutral shoes act as anchors that allow you to layer on bolder colors and prints on top. White has a clean, casual vibe perfect for everyday wear. Crisp black elevates any outfit with sophistication.

Navy injects rich color without overpowering. Gray works for both cool and warm tones. Brown and tan complement fall earth tones. Consider pairing neutrals with each other – black and white is timeless, and tan and navy are nautical.

Neutral shoes also make great foundations for pattern mixing and eclectic style. By basing your shoe choice around versatile neutrals, you’ll be guaranteed a pair that completes any outfit.

Look for a versatile style

The overall style of your tennis shoes will impact their outfit pairing potential as much as color. Look for tennis shoe silhouettes and materials appropriate for both casual and professional settings if versatility is key.

Clean leather or canvas styles have timeless appeal. Simple low-top designs are more minimalist and coordinate well. Avoid overly chunky dad shoes or loud patterns that may limit pairing ability.

Go for versatile lace-up styles over slip-ons which tend to be better for casualwear. A classic white leather court shoe works anywhere; a distressed bright sneaker does not.

Seasonal materials like mesh and textured rubber are sporty but not as diverse as leather. The most versatile shoe styles feature simple, iconic silhouettes in quality neutral materials.

Timeless over trendy is best for maximum pairing capability and longevity.

Tips for wearing tennis shoes with everything

Here are some great ways to wear versatile tennis shoes to complete a variety of outfits. Jeans or shorts paired with white, black, gray, or tan sneakers create a casual daytime look perfect for running errands.

Dress up jeans and a blouse by swapping in some black leather tennis shoes. Navy or black shoes instantly elevate the look of a skirt or dress for events and dates. White and black leather styles look chic with trousers or a pantsuit for the office.

Athletic sneakers in neutral colors are gym-ready but also work for everyday wear. Pack black or white shoes for vacations and sightseeing. Distressed white leather sneakers add interest to boho looks.

Gray shoes complement menswear-inspired outfits but also balance ultra-feminine florals and bright colors. Getting creative with your outfit pairings allows you to get so much more use out of shoes you can wear with anything.

Pair them with jeans

One of the easiest ways to incorporate versatile tennis shoes into your wardrobe is by pairing them with denim. White, black, navy, gray, tan, and brown shoes all look great with both blue and black jeans.

Go for a casual vibe by wearing distressed white leather sneakers with light or acid-wash jeans. Black canvas high-tops look edgy with black skinnies. Gray slip-on Vans give off laidback retro vibes with loose-fitting denim.

Tan boat shoes pop against dark rinse jeans. Brown leather lace-ups look sophisticated with black jeans and a blazer. Navy high-top Converses provide a pop of color against light denim.

Whatever your style, you can craft a great jeans outfit simply by choosing tennis shoes in a neutral color that complements your denim wash and cut.

Dress them up with a skirt or dress

For an instant outfit upgrade, pair versatile tennis shoes with skirts, dresses, and feminine styles. Classic white leather sneakers look youthful yet polished with flirty skirts and sundresses.

Lower profile styles in white, tan, or brown work well with maxi and midi dresses. Distressed white or black leather sneakers balance ultra-feminine florals and pastels.

Black leather tennis shoes lend sharp sophistication to fitted pencil skirts and sheath dresses.

Gray slip-ons with dress socks create a quirky hipster vibe. Navy sneakers stand out against bright colors and feminine fabrics.

For events, try bold red or hot pink shoes to complement formal gowns and cocktail dresses.

Whatever your personal style, you can dress up your favorite skirts and dresses with the right neutral-hued tennis shoes.

Wear them to work

Clean versatile tennis shoes work surprisingly well for professional office settings and commutes when styled properly.

Go for white, black, tan, gray, or navy leather in simple silhouettes without bold branding logos.

Style with tailored trousers, chinos, skirts, and dresses. A black pantsuit with white leather sneakers is perfectly preppy. Swap in gray or tan shoes for chinos and an Oxford shirt to class up a business casual vibe.

Distressed white leather with jeans keeps it laidback but polished. Brown or navy loafers pair nicely with khakis. Just be sure to avoid overly chunky soles or athletic technical materials that are too casual.

Slip-on styles dress up more easily. Neutral tennis shoes with minimal detailing paired with smart separates and tailored fits effortlessly transition from the commute to the office setting.

Wear them to the gym

When selecting tennis shoes primarily for working out and sports, opt for versatile styles that also pair well with casual outfits for running errands post-gym.

White, black, gray and navy athletic sneakers in leather, mesh and technical fabrics may be performance-focused but still coordinate with jeans, sweats, and tees for versatile wear.

Prioritize fit and support features first, then choose the most stylistically flexible colorway.

Patterned shoes work at the gym but limit pairing potential elsewhere. Neutrals with colorful accents are fun for sport while remaining versatile.

Distressed leather sneakers look cool before and after a workout. For outdoor activities, tan, beige, and brown athletic shoes resist dirt.

Just throw on flip-flops in the gym locker room to keep your athletic tennis shoes in great shape for both performance and style.

Wear them on vacation

Packing versatile tennis shoes for vacation is a wise move. They take up little luggage room but add styling options.

Classic white leather sneakers dress up for dining out but still look great with daytime casual wear.

Black canvas slip-ons work for sightseeing, traversing airports, and wearing to dinner. Gray Vans transitions from planes to strolls on the beach seamlessly.

Lightweight tan boat shoes pair perfectly with vacation mood dressing like linen pants and breezy button-downs.

Toss colorful sandals, boots, or heels in your bag then rely on your tennis shoes as comfortable daily walkers.

Leather styles handle water and moisture if plans get adventurous. Having that versatile pair you can hike, walk, or dress up in means fewer shoes to pack.

For vacations, tennis shoes pull triple duty – performance, comfort, and mixing with any relaxed vacation outfit.


Finding tennis shoes that work with any outfit is easy once you know which versatile colors and styles to look for. Classic white and black shoes pair well with almost anything and are must-have staples.

Beyond that, gray, navy, tan and brown are flexible neutrals that will coordinate with most casual outfits. Consider your wardrobe colors and typical activities to select the most versatile shade.

Opt for simple leather or canvas styles over chunky retro or athletic. Minimal low-top lace-ups tend to be the most diverse. Wear them with dresses, jeans, skirts, trousers – anything goes.

Tennis shoes in neutral colors work at the gym or office and pair perfectly with vacation wear. Having shoes you can truly wear with every outfit allows you to get the most cost per wear and simplify getting ready.

With so many options for versatile tennis shoes, you can’t go wrong building your collection.

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