When it comes to buying shoes online, getting the right size is crucial. Nothing’s worse than eagerly awaiting your new Birdies, only to try them on and realize they don’t fit properly.

The good news is that with a bit of research, measuring your feet correctly, and reading sizing tips, you can determine your ideal Birdies size.

Keep reading to learn all about Birdies sizing from real customer reviews and experiences.

With this guide’s help, you’ll order your next pair of Birdies with total confidence knowing they’ll fit comfortably right out of the box.

Birdie Shoe Sizing Guide

Are birdies true to size

Figuring out what size Birdies to buy can be tricky, especially if you’ve never worn them before.

This sizing guide covers everything you need to know, from measuring your feet properly to reading Birdies size charts.

You’ll also find style-specific fit advice and a comparison to other shoe brands so you can use your usual size as a starting point.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to determine your Birdies size with certainty.

How to Choose the Right Size Birdies

Choosing the right Birdies size comes down to carefully measuring your feet and understanding the fit of each style. Certain shoes like flats and loafers fit differently than slippers or boots. Use the following steps to determine your size:

  • Trace your foot on paper and measure the outline in inches
  • Refer to the Birdies size chart for that shoe style
  • Read reviews of how that specific style fits
  • Size up if your feet are wide
  • Consider going smaller for a tight fit or larger for extra comfort

Do Birdies Run True to Size?

The short answer is: it depends. Birdies sizing can vary quite a bit based on the individual style.

Certain shoes like the classic smoking slipper are known to run large and may require sizing down.

Others like the Starling boot and Heron slip-on are more true to size. Reviews indicate ballet flats and lace-up shoes fit on the smaller side.

With varying fits, it’s best not to assume your usual size will work.

Carefully consult each shoe’s size chart and read fit reviews before ordering. This will give you the clearest sense of what size to choose.

Birdies Sizing Reviews

Reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to gauge Birdies sizing before buying. Here’s a quick overview of what real people say about the fit of popular styles:

  • Starling Boot: Runs true to size, roomy toe box
  • Blackbird Smoking Slipper: Runs at least 1/2 size large
  • Pelican Flat: Runs small, size up 1/2 to 1 full size
  • Heron Slip-On: True to size with narrow fit
  • Wren Ballet Flat: Runs small, size up 1/2 size

Focus on reviews of the exact color and style you want, as fit can vary slightly between materials like leather vs. velvet. This gives the most accurate sizing information.

How to Measure Your Feet for Birdies

To get your most accurate Birdies shoe size, you’ll need to measure the length and width of your feet. Here’s how:

  • Trace your foot on paper while standing. Mark the longest point from heel to toe.
  • Measure the tracing in inches from heel to longest toe. Round up to the nearest half inch.
  • Measure the widest part across the ball of your foot.
  • Use a Brannock device or printable measuring tool to find your length and width sizes.
  • Match the measurements to the Birdies size chart for the style you want.

Measuring this way ensures the proper fit and prevents uncomfortable slipping, rubbing, or tightness.

Birdies Sizing Tips and Tricks

Are birdies true to size

These handy tips will help you nail down your ideal Birdies size:

  • Size up if between sizes to allow room for socks or insoles
  • Size down if you plan to wear barefoot
  • Shop late in the day when feet are largest
  • Try both sizes if between sizes
  • Wear custom orthotics when measuring
  • Consider your most common shoe size
  • Check reviews for that specific color/material
  • Allow 1⁄2 inch from longest toe to end of shoe
  • Size up iffeet are wide or toes are long
  • Consider going smaller for a tight vs loose fit

With smart sizing habits, you can minimize the guesswork and end up with a comfortably fitted pair of Birdies.

What If My Birdies Don’t Fit?

If you try on your new Birdies and they feel too tight, loose, or just not quite right, don’t panic – you have options! Here are some tips to make ill-fitting Birdies work:

  • Wear thicker or thinner socks to take up extra space or allow more room.
  • Use sizing pads, heel grips, or insoles for a more snug or loose fit.
  • Gently stretch tight spots with a shoe stretcher or wear around the house.
  • Add moisture-absorbing foot powder or blister prevention stickers for rubbing.
  • Consider adding a tongue pad for shallow or loose heels.
  • Exchange for a different size – Birdies offers free returns within 30 days.

With some adjustments, you can tweak the fit of your Birdies for all-day comfort.

Birdies Sizing Chart

Birdies provides detailed size charts for each style of shoe right on their product pages. But a general overview of their size range is below:

Women’s Sizes:

  • Length: 5 – 12, whole and half sizes
  • Width: B – D

Men’s Sizes:

  • Length: 7 – 15, whole and half sizes
  • Width: B – E

Women’s sizes are approximately 1.5 – 2 sizes smaller than men’s.

Here’s a comparison of Birdies shoe sizes to standard US shoe sizes:

Women’s Birdies SizeStandard US Women’s Size
53.5 – 4
65 – 5.5
76 – 6.5
87 – 7.5
98 – 8.5
109 – 9.5
1110 -10.5
1211 – 11.5
Men’s Birdies SizeStandard US Men’s Size
75.5 – 6
87 – 7.5
98 – 8.5
109 – 9.5
1110 – 10.5
1211 – 11.5
1312 – 12.5
1413 – 13.5
1514 – 14.5

Birdies shoes come in standard B/Medium width for women and D/Medium width for men. Wide or narrow sizes are not available.

Consult the size chart for each specific style prior to ordering, as subtle differences in fit exist. Use your typical shoe size as a starting point and adjust up or down based on customer reviews.

Birdies Sizing Compared to Other Brands

How do Birdies fit compared to other popular shoe brands? Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Converse: Size up 1 full size from Converse
  • Sperry: Same as Sperry boat shoes
  • Toms: Size up 1/2 size from Toms
  • Rothy’s: Same as Rothy’s pointed flats
  • Brooks: Size up 1/2 size from Brooks
  • Steve Madden: Size down 1/2 from Steve Madden
  • Uggs: Same as Ugg Scuff slippers
  • Vans: Size up 1 – 1 1/2 sizes from Vans
  • Adidas: Size down 1/2 size from Adidas
  • Nike: Size down 1/2 – 1 full size from Nike

Of course, fit varies by style, so check out the detailed size chart for your specific Birdies too.


Finding your ideal Birdies shoe size comes down to carefully measuring your feet, reading style-specific size charts, and checking customer reviews.

While some shoes like smoking slippers and flats run large or small, core styles like the Starling boot tend to run true to size.

Use your typical shoe size as a starting point, and size up or down based on the fit notes for that particular Birdies model.

With the sizing tips in this guide, you can determine your proper Birdies size with confidence.

Order the recommended size, and you’ll be walking comfortably in your new Birdies in no time.

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